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Dad and Daughter missing

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At the risk of confusing the discussion on another thread, I thought I would start this one afresh.
News last night said two Fishermen were missing after not returning from a Trip. There was a competition being run out at the Barrier. They had departed from Tryphena Harbour.
The latest news on stiff says it is not two Men, but a Father and Daughter.

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Have an EPIRB. ....and dont be afraid to use it.  We in the rescue services dont like not finding people.....and bodies on beaches really upset a lot of people. Including us.

The missing boat was an eight metre-long white timber launch fitted with a blue canopy.


Unless they have miraculously tucked into a remote bay somewhere, I rather fear this wont end well.

Were due back at 5 pm on Friday, reported overdue around midday Saturday.

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