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BTDT. Solved by wrapping a bottle lid in a piece of tea towel. Heaps of choice of bottle lids on most beaches.

More fun to sit and empty a bottle :razz:

She who must be obeyed,have you got everything??Yes dear,Ok then wheres the meat n vege?luckly only gone gone 1/2 way down river and car keys still in drivers door :cry:

On return trip ,a week later,asked junior to put rubbish in bin and washing in car,got home to find we had the rubbish.Grr 

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So this week I sailed pork chop up from tauranga amd the mrs was going to drive up to meet me here for our week sailing holiday.


After meeting wifey in westhaven and loading up the boat I noticed that we were short one of our gear boxes. The kids had their stuff but the mrs had left all of her spare clothes in tauranga! Thankfully a quick trip to the warehouse got her sorted. Im just stoked we hadnt left yet.

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We left halfmoon bay in a rush one friday afternoon last year -wife loaded the boat up nicely and i went straight to the boat from work so in dress pants, shoes and shirt - kicked off the shoes and drove boat out to Rakino to get there before it got dark - anchored and enjoyed a beer (which the wife had even loaded in the fridge).


Come bed time i stroll downstairs into the cabin and look for my clothes bag... Hmmmm

Wife had packed hers, and sons (8) not mine, i asked and she cracked up laughing as she realised that she had unloaded the boot but left my bag in the back seat of the car...


Saturday morning quick trip back to marina to get some clothes for the long weekend!

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