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2019 Coastal Classic

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Video of Motorboats blast up the coast.   https://youtu.be/XOBngu7g-nI

We on the Mean Streak (Class 930) had an interesting race, hoping to better our 4th in div 5 last year we ended up 13th on line... after snapping our tiller off at the transom 10 minutes into the race

What an amazing race. We had an absolute blast on Motorboat.

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That current windy prediction is going to produce a real tactical battle.

How far can you get before it gets light?

How far can you get once it's gone light (if you stay in? or if you go a little wider?)

How far out do you want to be when it changes to N? (obviously around the corner but few will be there...)

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From the sailing instructions:


18.0 WESTHAVEN MARINA PARKING OVER LABOUR WEEKEND 18.1 Westhaven Marina is appealing for your support during this period of construction around the marina. Since the visitor carpark will be not be sufficient this year, crew will need to share or use alternative transport options. Over Labour Weekend there will be infringements issued and in some cases towing.


Where will we park our cars?  Point Erin pools maybe?

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