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Pretty sure Metro went back on Trade me after he repaired it and put it back in the water and found it leaked badly. His repair was really dodgy, with screws and bog holding it together and the screw holes leaked. He posted a video somewhere that I watched.

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Agree that the public should know. Unfortunately I don't think they will because if the full story comes out it will show how much trademe cares, which is not much.

I might agree with you Lateral if it wasn't for the fact he has tried to flick several  boats in dubious condition. Knowingly trading in boats like that is not ok.

My mate just sold a Tasman 20 for $600 to this guy . It has a seized centreboard and no trailer .   Will be interesting to see what it’s re-listed for and what the trailer and centreboard repairs ar

You mean the one that’s still for sale, as a Farr built in 1990, albeit for about Alf the original price?

He was selling one at Okahu Bay haul out $15k,Had a boat builder(who happened to working on vessel next door)He said it had delaminated as very unfair. Question Jason about it and got blocked.

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This is the fellow. He bought it for 7500 off vero insurance, put it on the market 2 weeks later for 12500. Didn't sell it,took it off the market and took it up to Mahurangi and a mooring off Scott's landing. On one of his videos selling another boat at Milford, he mentioned he'd sold Metro. That's as far as I've got.

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yep he is in trade so subject


This in trade status lets buyers know they're dealing with a trader, and that they will have protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act.



Good luck with that.He would some wierd and wonderful excuse to cover himself.

Just checked 5yrs on still blocked.

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