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New chartplotter

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What about a decent tablet in a case with Navionics?

Just cruisin. Previous one was Navman 5600, that I loved, with a card in it.


Well unless you want to use your phone/tablet which works really well to be honest.  A simple chartplotter like the Simrad Cruise 7 is a similar size to your old navman. Comes with charts and looks super simple to operate and install.   





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We got Raymarine Axiom Pro - probably out of your budget, but the Axiom (non pro, non real vision) version might be around the 1k mark.


Have been happy with it, and it has many sailing features. The support from Raymarine in Australia has been exceptional.

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Got yours Matt. Sounds like a lot of stuff I never use?Never done waypoints.Why ever would I?Crew.org say I enter wrong name/password.

Waypoints are useful as they provide the option to do a proper passage plan, following a safe route. They also keep the boat on track, allowing for set and drift, which makes for faster passages, and more economical if motoring. Only works when sailing if the course isn’t to close to the wind of course! I use this a lot when cruising. Also sailing to wind angle is great, as you are free to trim, put up kites etc, or make best trim to weather. If you’ve never used this stuff, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Laylines help a cruising skipper work out if you’ll make it round that next headland if you tack etc. Sailsteer provides lots of sailing related info in one place (B&G only), including oscillation information.

but yes, you can do without it if you wish, same as a gps. Same as a gps it just gives you more info to make better decisions, plus the boat control if interfaced to the AP.

anyone around Auckland (Gulf Harbour) who’d like to have a look at this type of setup, or even have a play with it on a short sail, let me know.

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Garmin have some 6" models complete with transducers for under $1k, NZ charts preloaded.

Garmin Echomap 65CV (6 inch screen) works well for me, Micro CD card allows for updates, will connect by wifi to your ipad / tablet / phone etc. comes with Aus Nz charts already installed, downside was the transducer is a transom one, ( I modified mine to become an in hull one)  in hull ones are available but at extra cost, if you are a fisho the finder has all the bells and whistles, does AIS, music, etc etc etc. The bigger sizes do all that as well and then some, cost rises accordingly.

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Bought a Garmin for my fishing boat, liked it so much I bought a Garmin for my Yacht. Found them very easy to use and, menu system seemed pretty intuitive compared to some others I had used. Phone support has also been excellent when I got a bit stuck.

Prefer buttons, have not been that impressed with touch screens I have used, pretty easy to bump them and they take it as an instruction, suddenly your map disappears or changes and then you got to figure out how to get back to how you had it quick.

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Zeus 2 9".

About as small as I could go.

Have to ask offspring how to do things. 

can't seem to get it to stick. Too much capability, imo.

Touch is, well touchy.

In a couple of years you would think I would.


Going to get an intensive from them before the're gone again.

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B&G is great, wouldnt recommend Vulcan as it is only touch and with cold wet hands you get frustrated with it really quick but if it is just for cruising could be ok.


We have a full b&g system and what it can do is endless but have settled with the zeus 3 as it has buttons for those cold wet nights

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