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On the bright side - Next project

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On 28/03/2020 at 1:48 PM, 44forty said:

This one . It’s a Shaw 750 T . The old mainsail was not made for the boat it is a 2nd hand one off animal biscuits which is a 750 sport . Old main has had a long life of probably 8-10 years at a guess and is totally rooted .

New sail in the pic was built at UK sails in Fongaray by Phizzle and probably some help from Wal too . Cloth is DP PX black line 20 I think ? Bit heavier than needed but it will last a good while in that weight 


Well thanks to 44forty, I've ended up with a new boat. Well, will have once I've figured it out how to get it from Queenstown to Whitianga. Things we do on lockdown.

Deep Purple 3.jpg

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This was finished on weds afternoon before the lockdown . It’s staying at the loft until I can pick up 😫 . Doing my head in , but at least I will have a very good reason to go sailing immediately the

There's only so many projects you can do with supply challenges.   I'm glad I started the replacement floor boards just before lockdown.  Almost done. 

She's on her way

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1 hour ago, sjg20 said:

So this is my project, a Ross 490 that originally had a rotten floor. Most of the re-build was done late 2019, the wrap and prod is my ‘Covid Project’ - currently only have 200ml of epoxy left!94C4F4F1-EFCF-45DF-AEF2-FBCA860F1751.jpegFCB852CA-171E-46EA-9D20-9B45A32D3781.jpeg2CDE1F77-A700-4A74-8EAA-354A1C14FBAC.jpeg2B1A380C-4EBF-4174-85B6-98641A891787.jpeg8929248E-7D06-40EA-BFE7-F63A497C0093.jpeg3AD4FD0F-167D-4417-8B40-6F6D40E36A5A.jpeg


you Need to keep the bow monkey away from the black paint 

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29 minutes ago, RushMan said:

A tie to stop the middle of the mast from bouncing too far might be worthwhile

Safe travels

Good point. There's a supporting bracket on the centreboard gantry but it's not in place in the picture. I'll follow that up. Thanks


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