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2:1 halyard hardware

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I'm currently using a proper block for my 2:1 haylard, but would appreciate a bit more hoist height

Arrangement at the moment is a plain bearing 1000kg SWL selden block, with the shackle going onto the top of the main

te 8.5 class is airdraft limited so any gains in hoist height are a win.
Looked at the offering from Tylaska, wichard, and Selden, any group experience with these? they llok nice but price wise they are up there for a shacke

Halyard is 8mm (inc cover) dyneema type rope,  


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Dont think thats right?  Bit worried to have a go at this, but in the 1:1 case, the sail applies a 50kg load down, the halyard the same vaule to hold it up there, therefore masthead has 100kg of

Our Vote would be Tylaska we currently have the non sheave version. Never had an issue with it.

So i've done a couple of sketches and they show in a 1:1 setup with 50 kg (technically should be called 500 newtons) of force holding the sail in position there is 50 kg of "pull" in the halyard going

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