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limiting posts is a desperate measure,  understandable but this is not IT's day job so he cant be checking every 5 minutes on the flame wars.  Who is the individual member spamming the site thats ruining it, name and shame. public stocks etc....

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4 hours ago, harrytom said:

If someone has a question and km.wheels answer and then original poster replies.The conversation can still continue after 5 posts by pm each other??


That defeats the purpose of a forum

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6 hours ago, Rehabilitated said:

Not sure. Rules state all rules apply to PM.

IT will have to confirm.

Be Kind.

Respect each others point of view.

Happy fishing.

Rehab. You are the cause of this rule. You alone, as I see it. You know this, you read IT’s post a few weeks back saying his preference was for you not to spam the site,  but it wasn’t currently against site rules so he was thinking of an effective rule to prevent it. You replied saying ‘preference noted’ then continued to spam the site with mostly illiterate dribble. 

Now you down vote people saying it may restrict people using this site for the purpose it was created - to talk about boating, when, again, you are the cause of this new rule, because of your constant posting of dribble and new threads mostly not relevant to boats. 

You’ve wasted IT’s time making new categories for topics and considering a new rule no other member necessitates the need for. I guess to save himself time on applying a rule evenly, he’s had to make a blanket rule over everyone, including people who make multiple helpful/ useful / insightful posts in one day. You are literally the minority, despised in every group in society, who ruins things for everyone else. 

You’ve posted on this thread saying you agree with the new rule. If you think max 5 posts a day is a good idea, maybe you should have self imposed that after IT (and many others) said he would prefer you not spam the site, and this wouldn’t be an issue. 

IT, your a patient man, must be hard and annoying to run the site with such non sense from one poster. I’d have permanently banned him long ago, but you have my support for running the site as you see fit, for the little that’s worth. 

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1 hour ago, Island Time said:

Rehab is on a 90 day "holiday", as he has now passed the max warnings. Down voting posts for no reason was the final warning.

Well done IT, I was more than a little taken aback to see Rehab had down voted me for simply saying "thank you". 


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Well done IT, it might become fun visiting and contributing again.

Another Moderator or two would ease your admin here to filter the noise while keeping the forums interesting. 

Maybe, Why dont you have an election, If you want to be a Mod then apply. IT then puts a list of candidates up and we have a poll - one vote per sign-in - a most votes wins blind poll.

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Does this mean the new pest, opps sorry, Post controls become the old post control rules given the problem has been resolved?

Or at least a 90 day exemption on the new rule and see how it plays out?

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