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Circumnavigating NZ.

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 There are a whole heap of more experienced people here than me, but seems to me that giving away sea room under these circumstances is a mistake, and I wonder what would be wrong with doing a 180 and running off to the N  or if he could, NW.  Surely he would gain some room?

Lee shore, big seas, 50+ ? A beating is an understatement.

Sure hope he stays ok.

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My opinion, for what its worth;

If it goes over 50, and with 8m seas, he wont be able to make any headway into it. At this point your options become limited, depending on the gear you have. 50 knots is not uncommon in this area, and has hopefully been planned for. 

Different designs are a little different, but; heave to, sea anchor(Para)  if needed to stay hove to, or possibly dodge (say 40 deg to wind under storm sail and usually motor, moving slowly enough to maintain headway) or turn and run, preferably with a drogue. This last loses the most distance made good. Running at speeds he will do in that boat without a drouge will be dangerous.

Skipper will have to decide - close with the coast if he considers he's far enough south to make one of the fiords, and can do so without being beam on to breakers, or maintain/extend his sea room.

At least it’s fairly short duration, moderating late tomorrow night.

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Post dated 15th

Well I got absolutely hammered last night with winds up to 40knts and 5 meter seas. I’ve had enough of the last two days incessant pounding on the hull, the screaming wind and the violent motion. The final straw came when I was standing in the doghouse and a giant wave completely buried the boat and nearly threw me down the companionway as we were slammed right over on our side. I have given up trying to reach Doubtful Sound and am now running directly downwind towards Milford Sound where I hope to find a safe haven.


Tracker says he's doing 2.9 knts @ 141 degs, but it s dated 14th.

I feel like a voyeur watching this via social media. 

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I really wouldnt want to be where he is right now!

I have been hammered pretty hard outside milford sound twice, the waves bounce off the cliffs and turn it into a real washing machine. You have the southern ocean swell and the wind waves on top of each other. Not a huge amount of anchoring options once hes in there either.

I hope everything works out OK for him.

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