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Cold Front Today

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So Auckland had a cold front today. Was kind of nice, blew through fairly fast. Bit of rain. Bit of wind. Easily third reef kind of weather.

Now the Harbour Bridge is fucked, and could possibly be out for weeks. Just the middle four lanes mind, so technically a 50% reduction in capacity, but more than that (60%) when you consider the tidal flow.

A truck with a shipping container got blown into a girder, righted itself and kept on going. Girder got sheared... NZTA sorry Waka WhakerUpper just trying to work out how to fix it.

Note that is different to the curtain-sider that got blown over. Predict wind for the bridge showed a sustained just of 70 knts for a couple of minutes. I suspect the peak wind in that was a bit more.

So much for the economy, freight companies, couriers, and tradies trying to get around, or anyone doing business full stop really. At least I have a good reason to work from home a bit longer...


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What complicates the matter is that strut is a stressed member. Fabricating a bit of steel is the easy bit, getting it in there is somewhat harder Imagine trying to replace a spreader, and you ha

Jeez why ask them when they could just get you guys to do the job.  Personally I would prefer the job to be done properly rather than the quickest patch up fix with Cheapest Chinese Steel and Cut Corn

before the gvt and council bashing gets started how about moving this to tiny talk

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I am fascinated by the power of the weather, especially a moderately straight forward cold front, to blow a couple of trucks over and take out a piece of key transport infrastructure. That's why I put it in marine talk. The council or govt have nothing to do with the weather, nor with the Harbour Bridge. That would be the New Zealand Transport Authority.

So please don't make it about something it isn't, and please don't go round trolling for a fight. I'm not interested.

The fact that these trucks rolled very close to where that micro burst nailed Westhaven, laid flat a super yacht, sunk some boats and made a cat flip and jump the pier is interesting. I'm starting to wonder if there is something unique about the geography there that creates down bursts. Wind accelerating off the land, or channeling between the land forms either side of the harbour bridge.

Its kind of a big reminder that nature is in charge, when a cold front can close SH 1 in the heart of our major city so easily.

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Equinoctal storms have been with us for ever. A high harbour bridge taking trucks that are larger, longer, with a larger area than ever before of flat sides, ( possibly lightly loaded? )  into a prime (high) position for such an occurrence to happen. What is unusual is that it hasn't happened more often.

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