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Best budget keelboat racing around? Piedy?

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A bit of a tangent off the current Coastal Classic 2020 discussion going on.

What's at the opposite end of the bankroll from the big boys who actually got a boat home in the CC this year? I've sold the D28 and am missing my crew, the progress we were making, and those summer evenings on the water. I had a serious look at the Y88 class which has a lot going for it but is another step up in price. If I sacrifice the cruising side what's the most race fun we can have on the smallest possible budget?


  • Ideal crew 3 - 4?
  • Budget price, low ongoing costs to keep mid fleet race boat going.
  • Kiwi DIY friendly for repairs etc. i.e. not a carbon fibre monster I can't touch.
  • Active fleet to race / compare against / learn from.
  • Mix of racing styles, short form, longer events, short handed etc.

Pied Piper seems like the most obvious contender, especially since we're based on the North Shore in Auckland. Anything else I'm missing?

Are there any active trailer sailor classes around? Will one of the smaller Elliot boats fit the bill?



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Rocky has to be great value (read “or near offer“ he’s bought another.) If cost of ownership is an issue then get someone to go halves or thirds ?

In modern naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard a ship. 

I'm pleased to see your daughter must take after her mother. 5 bikes 8 beefs 46 dairy ladies and yes I'm a yachtie so that tight I have the bare minimum warp of 60m. Which mea

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Not Keelboats but the 8.5's seem to have the best bang for buck, multi use racing around fro  what I can see (don't own one but want to one day)

Sport TY's and Sportboats seem to be getting out sailing a bit now.

Looking at entries R930's have been dieing away as a (modified) class. 

R780's had a few boats at Aviemore.

Noelex 22's do a bit of sailing but wouldn't think they would be anygood for a CC or the like.

Or Piedy's.



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26 minutes ago, TazzyDevil said:

R780's had a few boats at Aviemore.

Probably the best all round bang for buck for what you want . We have one at our club that outpoints and outsails everything in the light to medium breeze upwind and that’s two handed . If it had a full crew and some turbo tweaks it would be even quicker . Plus they are campable .

other good option is an SR26....there’s one on trademe with a disco ball

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3 hours ago, TazzyDevil said:

Looking at entries R930's have been dieing away as a (modified) class.

That's more due to PHRF than the race.

Get a Std 930 and in a hard reaching race you'd do very well as that will negate one of the only 2 differences from the Stds, their big keels.

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Either a 930 or a y88 would be a big step up from the d28. While the y88s on trademe at the moment do look pricey, 6 months ago there were a few you'd have owned for sub 30k so I guess it's just a question of what's around at the time. Something like bondi tram (on trademe at the moment) seems well worth a look. Way more boat than a piedy.

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