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New Auckland Bylaws - have your say

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Because enforcement approach can change in an hour. The bye-laws can’t.

And as we’ve already seen if you send the authorities video evidence of a flagrant breach they will take action.

If I was unfortunate enough to have to travel up & down the Laundromata on a regular basis I would set up a couple of dashcam cameras pointing fore & aft - and I’d have no hesitation dobbing in offenders.

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I have replied with this :   I want the speed limit decreased on several grounds which are set out in numbered paragraphs below. I am a frequent user of the Waitemata harbour and make these

12 knots is probably the worst possible speed they could choose for generating wake... most big launches are trying to get over the hump and plane at this speed so generate the biggest waves. 18knots

Ahh, sign in. That's where I normally walk away.

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20 minutes ago, Terry B said:

This what I put in the appropriate section...... not the best wording perhaps but it was very early this morning.. 😏

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 7.16.08 AM.png

I think that’s spot on. Well done.

Don’t worry about the finesse of the wording it’s the intent of your message that matters not how you said it (thankfully this forum is not yet full of woke snowflakes so the focus is mainly on the meaning not the messenger)!

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7 hours ago, Fogg said:

Well if you’re not prepared to help the collective effort to help / change / improve things don’t complain about the situation then.

There will always be poor skippers in Rivieras, for the sake of not having boat rego, water police everywhere Ill put up with the occasional wake wankers. Its only water.

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