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Sever Earthquake off NI East coast and Tsunami Warning

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On 8/03/2021 at 5:45 AM, wheels said:

This is kind of what I am nattering on about.
So my understanding is, the Gvt funded a string of sensor Bouy's that run along the Hikurangi and Kermadec Trench. The idea is to give us an early warning of what may be coming toward our shores. The reason is that the edge of the drop off was sounded several years back and what was found shocked the scientific guys. Large areas of the Trench has mud overhangs that can and have slid down the sides of the drop. When these go, they can produce a Mega Tsunami. These types of waves are measured in the many tens of metres in height.
This is why my question and I guess to some, maybe me harping on about why we are not getting better more accurate information.
During this latest quake, I went ti Geonet and they all seemed to be asleep at the Wheel. There had been no information for any of the quakes can absolutely no warning of a Tsunami. I can only guess that this is why there was a general warning that a wave may be coming. No one actually knew. To me, a warning centre not working is inexcusable.

There is an update on the DART buoy data here:



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13 hours ago, wheels said:

So the actual story is now out. All the monitoring equipment on the island was tipped over and unplugged from the very first shake. Thus nothing was operating for the real big one and no recording of anything took place.
So obviously no one considered decent anchoring to concrete pads etc incase a major shake took place.

I think you'll find it was bolted down:

"The staff who went ashore found that a rack, which was bolted to the floor and held GNS equipment, had been pulled out of the ground and tipped over"

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I have installed equipment racks full of much heavier Amplifiers, that had to withstand earthquakes. And many got that test in the CHCH shakeup. None fell over, although with two installs, being the Stadium and the Cathedral, the racks stood but the buildings didn't. 😁

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