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  2. I think that’s spot on. Well done. Don’t worry about the finesse of the wording it’s the intent of your message that matters not how you said it (thankfully this forum is not yet full of woke snowflakes so the focus is mainly on the meaning not the messenger)!
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  4. This what I put in the appropriate section...... not the best wording perhaps but it was very early this morning.. 😏
  5. BP, you need to click the blue "Have your say" button, then on the next page scroll to the bottom and Sign in, or Register, then the online survey will appear.
  6. Well if you’re not prepared to help the collective effort to help / change / improve things don’t complain about the situation then.
  7. Just submit " no wash"...it doesn't matter what speed.In any event consultation is meaningless. The decision has already been made.Consultation is a feelgood token to democracy so that us minions can feel like we've been involved....when we haven't !!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Because enforcement approach can change in an hour. The bye-laws can’t. And as we’ve already seen if you send the authorities video evidence of a flagrant breach they will take action. If I was unfortunate enough to have to travel up & down the Laundromata on a regular basis I would set up a couple of dashcam cameras pointing fore & aft - and I’d have no hesitation dobbing in offenders.
  10. That Tamure, was the guts of my response i.e. Don't change it, and police what you by-laws do have already. BP u have plenty of time - take it slowly, you can do it . No walking or even writing to do.
  11. How many times have we all been sailing and some dickhead goes by in their Riv too close and too fast? Change the rules all you like but no one enforces them so whats the point?
  12. Note that consultation is open until 14 February 2021. There is a LOT of information provided in the review report. There is also a lot missing and key from this discussion is detail on which vessels and how many of them produce a more disruptive wake at 12 knots than at 18 knots. There is also no clear comparative risk analysis ie is the risk of the increase in speed limit overall higher or lower than status quo. I suggest that, if you are going to make a submission, you read the report and reference it in your response. Govt wonks love that sort of thing, but it also may prompt
  13. The pilot boats break the speed limited every hour of the day. I have evidence fir this.
  14. 18 knots to justify the speed of the pilot boats perhaps??
  15. Go on line people its easy. I'm with Zozza on this. If 18 knots is allowed I will stay out of the harbour. Its going to be a sh*t fight
  16. In case it helps, for the speed question where they ask you to give a reason for your response, this was my answer: It’s a dangerously congested zone with many (unreported) near misses happening every week mainly between fast launches and slower vessels. 12kts keeps this just about manageable. 18kts increase risk unrealistically. It is the same as asking residents if a 50 km/h urban street if they support an increase to 80 km/h and asking them “why not?”. Just think about it!
  17. BP - did you click on the link that IT provided at the start of this thread? As Fogg says, it's easy enough to do on the phone. They ask you to log in but thats easy - takes 30 seconds to set up a login and password...........
  18. It’s not in my backyard but for the greater good I did my bit and filled it in whilst sitting here in Starship. I did it online using my smartphone - was able to log in with my Gmail account credentials so minimal hurdles. Took about 10 mins end to end.
  19. Actually correct. All i could find was download and print this form. Fill it out and mail it back. None of which is easy. (I live on a boat with only a cellphone and no printer and a long walk to the PO)
  20. Was that sarcasm? I found it remarkably simple. You can write as much or as little as you like or just choose from the drop downs in the survey. Have your say people...
  21. Please go on line and fill in the survey - it only takes a few minutes. I've just done it - at the moment the 18 knot votes are winning the survey. Bloody hell.
  22. No worries! Our media officer/bow monkey/beer opener is stoked to see his vid out there. I’ve submitted a ‘friend’ request to the FB page, hopefully when that’s accepted I can put it up. Or if I can get a email of an admin, I can send it directly?
  23. I had no opinion of the organisation until earlier today. Needless to say we are starting off on a very bad foot.
  24. Brent Stiver has posted some, if you message him he may have more. I've emailed him to see if he has more.
  25. Have to agree with some points KM . I not going knock the organization . I no longer hold out hope that they are the answer. Had some personnel discussion with them and I will leave it there.
  26. Is the club going to post up photo's?. I noticed the guys on the start/patrol boats taking pics and I'd love to see some.
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