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I read

one hull or trainer floats.


When with glasses I see it's

one hull no trainer floats.


TP for sure, don't think they have Awen going that well yet.

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Looks like a reasonable fleet. Is there going to be a final division list with PHRF handicaps? Seems to be a few boats in random divisions at the moment.


Is there going to be such a list produced?  Would be pretty good to know who you have to beat, and topyacht doesn't seem to be showing handicaps...

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Yeh - haven't worked out how to do that automatically yet. Will figure something out over the weekend. The PHRF TCF's are embedded within the system just not shown on this page. We're learning that the way yacht racing is managed in Australia is quite different to here - but TopYacht is very impressive in what it can do.

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This made me laugh...


"Nosaka is a 40 foot family cruising boat which through cunning sailing and insufficient sandbagging has been promoted to Division One by the merciless handicappers. Now we shall unleash our devilish plan to dominate the time corrected results from the back of said fleet. Bwa ha ha."


Think hes probably got a fair point given we beat him most times on line in this race, not always but most of the time. Dont envy handicappers thats for sure.....

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I'm looking for a ride back from Russell to get back before lunch  saturday for Wakatere's Rum Bucket (more rum) OK Dinghy regatta. Anyone out there want some help with driving and petrol costs?

PM me.



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