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Round North Island, 2 Handed ---2017

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Sunfast are smashing it. 4th on the water, 2 miles behind celadon.


Looks like pretty slow going out there though. Especially for the back of the fleet. And so far don't seem to have had the big breeze forecast.

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geez looking at the forecast you've got to think the front runners particularly RTII and MS are going to do pretty well out of this while the back markers are going to get smashed!

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Zenith and Squealer decided not to start and head back to Nelson

Disregard their trackers as they have been switched off and removed from the boats


Celadon has retired and gone into Gisborne to wait out the weather

Jet has major engine problems so have suspended racing and are heading into Napier, not likely that they will resume, but they still have that option.


Wedgetail had to return to port prior to the start for prop shaft repairs and started late.


Reports from onboard range from crap to henus across the fleet but it's looking like the rich will get richer all the way to the finish


But only Blink and Wedgetail are still in the hunt for Div 1 as all others have swapped crew at some point


Great to see SF a div 3 boat kicking all the div 2 boats

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