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The darkside - Fizz boats

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With a young family, property projects, new business commitments and family down country, we're struggling to justify keeping our 42ft keeler. Due to time and weather constraints we've hardly used her in quite some time and I'm thinking a largish trailer-able fizz boat might be a better investment ( I hate admitting that BTW) However most of the current largish fizzboats out there are just plain fugly, with a capital F and I'd rather go boat-less than own one.


There are however a few nice looking fizzies that could fit the bill. This Chris Craft being one





Therefore, what fizzboats have you seen around that you secretly covert that might fit the following requirements?


3-4 beds
Head with shower
Classic good looks
Preferably under 3.5 ton


Getting all this in a trailer-able fizzy might be a big ask, but its worth a crack

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Yeah that’s one.


They get along too, I forget the numbers now, but one came to the Nelson lakes classic show a few times, it was impressively fast.


Some have been looked after better than others.

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Fizz boat if you want to get there fast and don’t mind paying for gas but if you want trailer able and roomy I like the young 780 trailer sailer. With a 10 hp 4 stroke you can motor all day at 6 knots if you don’t want to sail and they are light to tow being water ballast. Cheaper too.

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all you could ever want to know about Clippers


this is the Clipper seen in Nelson


they are "old school", solid and heavy (2.7t) and like their petrol. A mint restored Clipper will fetch $70-80k

another option is a Pelin Empress


quite similar in appearance to the Clipper, no doubt due to Frank Pelin being Tony Mason's foreman before going out on his own

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Those are nice old school boats but maintenance would be likely the same as a keeler, if not more.  Simon Minoprio designs some interesting aluminium boats & has just added a Sedan version with cruising comforts.  I sold my keeler & will purchase something like this for the same reason as the OP.


Search Innovision Boats for their website, definitely different design to current standard, possibly polarising but I like them & they perform.

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A yr on and still undecided on whether to replace yacht or go the nasty way with a classic,had Bob Wild (cousin to Col)16ft a few yrs ago made of strip kauri and maintenance was no major issue,able to work on it home not wasting a hr going to club get dinghy out+ outboard work for an hr or 2 then repeat the process home. Peace of mind when it blows like stink lying in bed not having to worry is it going to break free or others going to hit it.


Been out on a couple of new alloys and the ride was shocking considering where designs are today.

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Not really aligned with the requested style of the OP, but Pogo make a launch...


fits the other Criteria:


Trailerable - beam 2.55
3-4 beds - forward cabin + saloon
Head with shower - yup
Galley - yup
Classic good looks - debatable
Beachable - yup
Preferably under 3.5 ton - how's 1.6 tonne?


LOXO, target market is those who want to motorcruise with lower fuel bill. 10 knts, 0.5L per mile (5L/hour).






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