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Fatality - Northland

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Very little details.

4 onboard a yacht, 3 rescued, 1 dead.


Not good news. The weather is less than ideal, from the east. Metservice have issued a storm warning for Bream Head to Cape Colville, I've not looked at the forecast for Northland, don't even know which part of Northland this has occurred.


BP I trust you are safely tied up in your ditch.

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20 nm NW of Cape Brett is the Cavilli's, but 20 nm due north is the 500 m contour. I wouldn't be surprised if the sea state around there 'coming onto soundings' was nasty with this easterly and deep low pushing in.


Sounds like a terrible ordeal.

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Talking to people still in the islands a couple of boat names have been suggested but the police are still tracking family so better to just wait.

Yes I know of a few also that were due back about now, and I was supposed to be bringing one back last week, but that got cancelled at this stage

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sitting here in Noumea feeling totally stunned by the news. Pam and Stu had become very good friends this cruising season including helping me find one of my crew for the return passage to NZ.

Hope Pam pulls through.

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