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10 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

Multi story apartments to help with the housing crisis?

So what travel lift options does that leave for yachties in Auckland now?

  • Gulf Harbour Marina
  • Hobsonville Marina
  • Orams (does Orams allow owners to work on their boats?)

Does Pine Harbour or Bucklands have travel lifts?

There is also Robertsons at Warkworth (Conrad won the auction for the land), boats up to 3 m draft can get up the Mahurangi river on the right tide with a bit of guidance.

Heading in the other direction there is Westpark, 2 travel lifts there

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1 hour ago, Bad Kitty said:

Only negative is Robertson's is a full service yard, so I don't think you can do any work yourself? Is that the case AS?

You can do your own work there no problem, I always do my own antifouling and whatever else I can do myself. Just got to follow the safety rules.

Conrad asks, not unreasonably, that he has first shot at any 3rd party works. Even so, when I wanted my yacht polished by my regular valet he was ok with that (after the requisite grumbling), so the valet charged Conrad who in turn charged me +5% markup which I was cool with.

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speaking of Robertson's, one interesting major refit they are doing is to the Farr designed Cotton Blossom.

Apparently some Hong Kong based guy bought her sight unseen during the lock down period from the Vances and she is undergoing a stem to stern refit. I think a carbon rig is on the agenda, not sure if the typical 70's Farr keel will be turbo'd.

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29 minutes ago, waikiore said:

The original owners were considering doing that a few years ago and entering the Hobart -for fun.

I believe she raced in the SYD - HOB whilst she was under Australian ownership(she was Melbourne based for some years), after Peter Spencer sold her.

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