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My choice boat for the next AC

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1 hour ago, alibaba said:

i would say so. Not very efficient, but don't leeboards look fantastic! Bloody big sails to handle too

Lee Boards?... I thought they were gen 1 foils?

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They actually go quite well considering they're basically a steel box with a pointy end. There's plenty of videos of them tipping over. With the water so shallow they just lie on their sides. I doubt they would be much good on the bash home from the bottom end on a breezy sunday  !!

This is what I want

≥ Skûtsje de twee gebroeders bj 1894 13,61 3.15 gebouwd te — Platbodems — Marktplaats.htm

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Nothing new here, its been clear for sometime that the scow hull is the faster shape for foiling barges, the footage is dated showing ist gen foils in brown organic carbon and all the syndicates have square top mains with black sails which have proven  faster than white. The double ended concept has been banned for AC 37 because the opposition could not tell which way the winning boat was going when viewed at a distance (Nice try Sir Ben) The leeward paddler concept exploited a rule technicality and has been replaced with cyclors driving multiple hidden paddles via a complex arrangement of gears and cranks, to such an extent now that some have argued that these boats are sailed by cranks.

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