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Is age and seamanship better than youth and wipeouts?

To enter post your boat's name and age plus the ages of you and your crew. Using the same ages as last year will automatically create an additional 10% handicap, but you can check what you have said before in last years thread.


The same formulae as last year(s) where TCF is adjusted for ages and distance of the different courses.


Prizes for each race and overall, 1st, 2nd & 3rd.


Also a "His & Hers" division as per last year.


I was asked if there was a "Hers & Hers" division but will need more than one boat for there to be competition. Trish on Wishbone (Reactor) needs some opposition!!


I already have verbal entries from Sunstone, infiltrator, Quarter Pint and a few S34's but now it is time for "ALL" to make a firm entry.



1). Boats must complete the course and you may change the crew(s) for each race but post here to let me know the new ages if you do.

If the results are vey close, then proof of DoB's & Launching date will be required for final calculations, to avoid half filled bottles of course!!


2). Ogre & I make the rules in secret discussions as we present the rum.


3). Any correspondence to the judges must be accompanied by duplicate unopened bribes but the corresponedence may not be read nor considered until theaforesaid bribes fully appreciated.

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quarter pint must be 27. i sez 26 last year.


im 24 and the other one could be difficult. shock horror it was possibly mislead last year. hes still only 40 and will continue to be


but im 25 for race 2 and 3. didnt tell ya my age change last year so it fecking works out anyway.


lost me

and i quote




If your skipper or crew changes for any of the races in the series, then you must post the new person's age here ASAP.

This will allow fair Old Fart's Factors to be adjusted fairly, for each race.



I make the rules.


Rule 3.

See Rule 2.


so i guess thats

boat 27

us r1-24 r2-25 r3-25

them 40

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Mercenary - 25

Chris - 25

Tom - 23


The full young crew! So not going to do very well on this one!


Beat ya


High'n'Fibre - 13

Adrian - 30

Ben - 22 (please correct me if I wrong Ben)

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Sunstone's Old Farts Entry:


Sunstone - 47


Tom - 66


Vicky - 59



Total - Ancient!


Got to be favorites there T+V!!


Based on my results from last year, seems the best entry you can have is an old but fast boat, with an old crew...?

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