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Auck harbour view

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I can't see the harbour but I can see the top of Luna Rossa's wing when they launch it, say it getting rigged this morning but can't see it now. To be honest I can't remember if it was the 72 or one of the 45's, they seem to take them out a lot.

I can also see the flags on eh Harobour bridge, looks like a very nice NE at 10 to 15...

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Could be true. RNZYS fb page indicates a 'surprise' tonight


"Club Marine Wednesday Series Race Day 5 tonight - first start at 1750 - Who's coming sailing? There may be some surprises tonight so make sure you are entered to race! It is a beautiful day - 10kn NE is forecast so see you there. Why not come and watch the start if you aren't racing? The Member's bar is the perfect place to watch the Multihulls, Monohulls and Sport boats - over 110 of them and 45 minutes of starts. It's always exciting and a great atmosophere..."

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Whos the dickhead playing with the camera?


Trying to watch both boats on downwind course gybing. :evil: :evil:



Well waddaya expect!!!


Chic014 said "Donna play with it if ya donna no waddaya doin'!"


That's, like, an invitation to 90% of the male population :lol: :lol: :lol:

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