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  1. Try Ric Turner 021720489, or Anthony Gibbs 0276653973 - both Auckland owners.
  2. Balance the equation. Coastguard used to comprise of volunteer boats and crews who dedicated a large amount of time, effort and probably personal finance to provide a great service which, in my memory, was largely found not to be wanting. Volunteer boats used to strategically place themselves around the gulf at crucial times, hence the Coastguard moorings in a lot of prime anchorages. Timely and efficient assistance could be given at a reasonable cost. Coastguard chose to become more professional with dedicated rescue vessels and professionally qualified skippers (needed if boats were con
  3. Pikes Point is the rubbish Dump.
  4. Bred and sailed in Te Atatu and never heard of it. Also worked in Harbour Board and ARC on water and looking after foreshore areas for nearly 20 years - again never heard of it.
  5. The 8.4's are not Rockets. The three mentioned ones are. Prawnbroker is undergoing a long birthday at Westhaven, Positive Touch went to NC after being tootooed with in terms of a diesel in then out, and I cannot comment on the other. Think Extreme may also attract the title Rocket - still at Westhaven.
  6. Keith Becker - Acrylic Creations in Penrose - and a fellow yachtie.
  7. Had a great race with the lottery of the tide at the end. Loved the locals reaction at the prizegiving about moving the finish out of the harbour "We have to start in your harbour, you can at least finish in ours!" Last finisher at around 5 am - great persistence.
  8. Going up on Equilibrium - slumming it. Great race - was one of the three who did the first race over 10 years ago and it has grown heaps since then.
  9. Great story - I too read it as a kid. Still have a copy . 13 foot 6 and sailed solo across the Atlantic. A day boat he repaired and put the cabin on.
  10. More injuries on Lime scooters - licence them?
  11. Orapiu Wharf always had good water through a hose especially for boaties - installed I think through Half Moon Bay Maritime Trust.
  12. Rumour is about 30 dinghies now. Many fenders on my marina pier punctured and a lot of the vinyl foam buffer pads missing foam with foam blocks floating around.
  13. Transformer will be there - will pay tomorrow.
  14. Can't help with these as they would seem to be "recent " arrivals in terms of my history with the creek Spent childhood and teenage years living and playing on the creek and then lived there again in late 1980's. There were a number of notable wrecks on the creek - an old sugar lighter from Chelsea at the end of Matipo Rd which we always thought was a scow as kids but was one of 4 lighters from the sugar refinery (another one in relative completeness was or still is in the Whau River up by Span Farm on the Kelston bank while another is by the mouth of Hellyers Creek . There was the rem
  15. The big T

    Oil level

    Always understood a certain amount of water evapourated out of new oil when first used with the heat generated, even in cars.
  16. Knot Me has a handle on it as are an ever growing groundswell of yacht club members and particularly Marina Users Association members. The dedicated work of a few particularly through the Westhaven Marina Users Association, is finding some credible targets and with future stronger battles to fight, need support through new members and a strong mandate from as many marina users as possible, not just berth holders or club members, but the waka paddlers, fishing fraternity, ramp users, dog walkers, you name it.
  17. Pretty sure Basic Instinct was always called this and was last owned in NZ by Clive Davis or Davies (was Manager of Volpower). Sold to America where Clive and a mate of mine crewed on it in a Transpac. Signwriting still the same.
  18. Hysteria has a long bulb on the old keel.
  19. The big T


    Mangroves can be frost tender - Roundup I think gives the same gradual die back. Just saying.
  20. There was a chap from the Richmond yacht club who transformed himself into a hull cleaner for friends from time to time. That young fella had a face to face discussion with the leopard seal while cleaning the boat he was to race on in the afternoon and it was politely pointed out by the leopard seal that Westhaven was its domain.
  21. Heaps drive on the road without a licence anyway - would be worse on the water.
  22. Sounds like a job any canvas maker can do, not necessarily a sailmaker. Someone who does truck tarps, shade cloths, general canvas work.
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