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  1. Seems the foils are all about downwind sailing, up and planing. Boss is doing a consistent 2-3knts on Cam. Would be interesting to know how much of that is attributable to foils.
  2. I’ve been following Jean Le Cam, he’s holding his own against the new boats. There’s a good piece on him on the Vendee globe site. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/19915/yes-he-cam Seems like the Eastern fleet didn’t loose too much by heading south early So when do the foilers have the advantage ?
  3. I may be wrong but I understand the foils on the IMOCA boats are Dali profile intended to provide lift and resist leeway, still depending on a canting keel for stability. The AC boats are interesting, and the AC35 was great to watch, but I don’t relate to the AC boats zooming past me in the Hauraki Gulf as anything related to what I’m doing save for the fact that they are using sails. Anyways enough of the thread drift. I see the Vendee fleet all struggling to clear the NW tip of Africa, just as well they didn’t take me as a navigator
  4. I do love the Vendee challenge, the best of yacht racing since the demise of the AC to flying machines. will be interesting to see if the foils are going to go the distance, would seem they are a mean ace in a rough seaway, wouldn’t the foil be an irregular drag ? Did wonder why they went so far NW when there was such a good breeze almost abeam for the southerly heading, maybe just making as much of the Westering that needs to be done.
  5. I have a 9.2M Spencer using a SimradTP32. Steers to wind/compass/plotter via NMEA0813 and hasn’t missed a beat in 15years. Highly recommend it
  6. I have my 1971 Spencer insured 3rd party only with The Marina Shop www.themarinashop.com
  7. Have looked at that boat for some time trying to work out Why ! Is very odd.
  8. Why on this topic only do I get a side history sidebar, all other topics are as normal
  9. Good to hear a resolution and that nexus is still serviced. It is good gear and well worth keeping.
  10. Ah see the head is on the network bus, you must have the newer head, twin wind vanes. Will think a little further, wonder what you can see across the PC port !
  11. May well be the mast head unit, but would be worth checking out the server config. As a start 2 simple things to check for on the server 1. is the Led beside the mast head unit input connection flashing ? 2 Is the sever set to internal or external wind head
  12. Is a great seat to watch the miles trundle by. Auto helm on and beer in hand I’m a happy man. Have never had the kite hook up on the edge, but yeah a rounded corner would be sensible.
  13. Have mine like this(below). Wire run up inside the rail.
  14. Thanks for the tip, Cameron, I have the D1-20 will have a look. So what seal required replacing ?
  15. I thought they were drilling for oil
  16. 180S

    Simrad autopilot

    Assuming it is of the TP10,22,32 variety then this from the manual
  17. I reckon they should leave it there. Would make a great swimming hole.
  18. 180S

    American Magic

    Thx MMT So the class rules on Foil Flap are very rigid, limits it to a plane wing type flap, only there to get the wing up or down. No feathering then. Would make it quick to move thru a tack.
  19. 180S

    American Magic

    I know there is a limit on the number of foils that can be used (6 ?) and a sand box shape that they must fall within, but is there anything to prevent articulating the wing on the end of the foil arm. Looking at this bulb on AM would it give a variable range of lift control with a single foil ? Photo from https://i1.wp.com/www.catsailingnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/AC75AmericanMagicDroneSail-1.jpg?ssl=1
  20. Have been going down this track too, compliance for insurance. PIA My solution was to remove the gas tank from under the sink, remove all the gas hardware from my burnsco 2 element hob, then cut a hole In the top plate and insert the unit that Beccara posted. Works a treat, retained a gimballed element with safety rail and is enough to boil the billy.
  21. As was posted earlier, I used KZ Marine. Good quality and all the swage fittings you may need.
  22. I see my favourite weather App has been “ taken offline indefinitely”, anybody know the story behind this ?
  23. Crikey i should edit better. Mariner is a different company. Just tried the original link and it worked for me.
  24. Have to admit I had a couple of “ can’t find the server” when I tried , then copied and pasted the link when successful. Have just been successful with https://marinermarine.co.nz/
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