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  1. She will be back in Auckland in time for the Americas Cup, so it'll take her around 4 months.
  2. Tracker up now http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/VoyageforVOYCE
  3. Elana Connor is an amazing solo sailor from California, aboard a 34ft sloop called โ€˜Windfolaโ€™ she was embarking on a solo circumnavigation of the world- raising awareness for kids in foster care, (as this is her story) when Covid19 hit and she found herself stranded in Tauranga for Lockdown level 4. She very quickly became part of our Family here at Tauranga Bridge Marina and has under gone some significant revamps to her vessel and her plans. With no ability to continue her mission to circumnavigate for a while, due to international restrictions, she has turned salt water into cha
  4. I remember the day it happened, those weather reports are grossly exaggerated, it might've been 20knots, gusting 25 at the most, nothing unusual for Tauranga. Have a look at the pictures in the Sunlive articles, that's not 50kts and 5m swell anywhere.... sounds like the article in the mag is looking for anything else to blame...
  5. On its way to Singapore , bet this isn't a cheap exercise... https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/251377-funing-leaves-tauranga-singapore.html
  6. Lucky people, shows the value of the epirb... https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/251077-pair-plucked-from-life-raft-after-launch-sinks.html
  7. MNZ have laid charges ๐Ÿ‘ https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/250918-charges-laid-stranded-log-carrier-case.html
  8. Give Bruce at Bridge Marina Travelift a call, he'll give you his unadulterated opinion ๐Ÿ‘ 021 685 438
  9. RedLine, a part time racer down here in Tauranga, had FlowSilikon applied 3 years ago I think it was. One of the owners of the boat is the owner of the hardstand, so it always got a waterblast at the beginning of race season, and was looked after pretty well. They've removed it as they've found they cant go fast enough for it to self clean, it used to slime up pretty quickly. I think its got normal old hard antifoul on it now. To be fair, I think if you can dive and wipe your hull every 3 weeks or so, then it'd be a great product, but it wont look after itself....
  10. Slightly OT, but wow what a great resource this is... https://cruiseguide.co.nz/ Didn't know it existed lol. Might have to plan some time down in the sounds over xmas Thanks Wheels ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Hey welcome aboard guys! Great to see someone finally bought Blaydon Racer, very cool boat. I had the pleasure of talking with Nick Wilson, the original owner as he was prepping her for sale, he had it beached on the sand outside his home up the harbour, great guy, with a lot of love for his boat, I got the impression he was very sad about having to let her go. Where do you have her on the hard? I'd be keen t come by and say hi, and if you're ever at a loose end near Bridge Marina, pop in and have a coffee, C-pier. we're easy to spot, the only boat there to take up two berths! ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. Hah!, yes that would work too! ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. About the only other option is to filter out the Small talk topic from your "unread" results, the following technique is used on Sailing Anarchy forums to great effect. click the following link... http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/discover/34/ It will take you to a "Stream" I created and shared. You can then make it your Default instead of the "Unread Content", and/or you can add it to your own profile to save and customize it further. This wont stop you seeing spammage of other topics, but it will stop you seeing anything posted in Small talk See attached picture.
  14. Yup we have an ATN one and its the bomb, well made, works brilliantly
  15. Yup I have the same intermittent issue with my old school CM750, although mine will only go off-course to port. I found that doing a automatic compass calibration fixes it for a while, it tells you how to do this in the manual that you can download from Coursemaster website. I also noticed that when you engage the pilot, it veers off course about 15-20 deg then slowly comes back on course. Fixed that by correcting the poor installation of the rudder transducer, the link arm was the wrong length and had almost no travel at each end of the 'throw" of the transducer arm. Works better now, until i
  16. Yeah same, Barrier for xmas , then upto Bay of Islands for new years and back home in 3 weeks :cool:
  17. Matt, that sucks they wont pay up for replacements, that's pretty shitty customer service, I was considering these same panels....not now. The new 145w ones, are the the so called Gen2 ones? Will they replace these if they crap out in 12 months? after all you've mounted them as per their instructions...
  18. Crazy lookin boat, but that lounge at the bow would be awesome in sh*t weather!
  19. No problem here, or on any of our other PC's at work, why is your URL trying to use google translate? click link... get this...
  20. Awesome machines and sailors! https://www.facebook.com/UltimBoat/videos/1509186919237577/ tracker is here: https://www.brestatlantiques.com/ Macif leading doing 33kts in 20kts wind in 5m waves
  21. Gawd!, I had to google what a copper tingle was...
  22. I don't subscribe to the Herald either, but there are ways to read an article if you really want to, here it is copied and pasted.. we should all learn from this tragic accident Exhausted but overjoyed, Bruce Goodwin thought they had made it. It was Monday and there were grey skies. He went to take over watch from Pedersen above deck while Pedersen's wife, Pamela, and her brother-in-law Steve remained below. Sea conditions were reasonably calm. The wind was 20 knots. It was the sailing group's last day on board the 47-foot yacht travelling from Fiji to New Zealand. The four had a big
  23. You'd think so aye?, even a bit of tint in the epoxy to lighten it up a bit! I guess paint is excess weight
  24. images from Katy Strickland Facebook , Yachting Monthly News and Features editor
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