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  1. I understand change is scary to most but, without change there isn't any evolving. Resisting evolving? We all know what we are heading for. We can't just take, we have to give something back
  2. Ok, let me have a look. I am not familiar with the plastimo set up. I ll pm you Cheers
  3. I wanted to confirm that lewmar pawls and springs for winches do actually fit clevoco Cheers
  4. Hi there, Does any one have a self stearing pendolum wind vane they'd like to sell? It is for a cav 32 Cheers
  5. Thank you Paul, very valuable info. Cheers
  6. I would like to bring the hull to gel coat in order to asses hull state. Also remove unwanted old paint. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts about antifouling removal. I found a post by battgirl removing antifouling with a mix of cornflour and caustic soda. Also the application of epoxy before the new antifouling. What is the reason behind the epoxy? Is it to cold now for epoxy? Should i be quick in applying the antifouling before the epoxy fully cures? Thank you in advance for your advice! Cheers
  7. Thank you for the quick answer, really apreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi guys. I just bought a couple of cleveco 22 winches. I d need to change a pawl and a spring. Any idea where i could fìnd them? Cheers
  9. Hey guys, I just thought about the auto tillel being connected to the trim tab. The set up doues not allow for the auto tiller to be mounted square to the boat axis. Does this matter at all? Or as i press the auto botton it then does what it needs to do to steer the course? I immagine i should trick the auto tiller by setting it as if it was installed say starbord rather then port. This way it would deal with trim tab???? Does it make sense??? Thank you for any suggestion Cheers
  10. Thank you for your replyes guys! The idea was to try preserve the tp32 by not making it work as hard. Also save battery. Finally to be able to use in any conditions. I wander if in that position is going to get wetter then ideal...??? I guess only time will tell. Cheers
  11. Hi there, I have an auxiliary rudder trim tab wind vane set up on a cav 32 I am wandering if anyone has direct experience on getting the auto tiller unit attached to the auxiliary rudder trim tab. I have a tp32 . The aim would be to be able to use the tiller pilot in more demanding condition as it would normally be feasible if attached to the main tiller. this would also mean the auxiliary rudder would always be mounted at the back. ( at the moment it is sitting in the shed...) thank you in advance for your thoughts. cheers
  12. Ni ce job abel seaman! I was wandering if you sailed the dingy at all. I saw from the plans some mast and sail. Cheers
  13. Wow...million $ question.....I used to have a raymarine before and by memory the pin looked the same. Could be...the option could be mounting it the other side of the tiller. Cheers!
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