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  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for the advise! I am underway, the entrance was choppy, that's all... I will be in touch when back. Cheers
  2. Morning CREW and happy new year. I am after some advice from someone that knows the area. I am just getting into houhora as we speak and i have to be in the boi on the 5th. I d be stopping in whangaroa. Question is what is the best weather option in terms of wind and swell for ither monday or tuesday. Monday looks like winds are straight up the nose but, tuesday the swell is rising more and i am not sure about getting out of houhora... Last option would be to do it all in one go on the 5th. But, i may run out of wind... Hey, thank you and enjoy the new year!
  3. Hello crew, Does anybody have some feedback about boatpaint.co.nz. I am on the market for a 2 pot undercoat and top coat for above water work. This paint sells really cheap on trademe and i wander if it is any good Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I am in the process of updating the reefing system. This means i will need a bunch of new swivel blocks. What size can i get by with? Ronstan 50 series 40? HL...high load??? $tandard?? I need 9..... Thank you for the advise
  5. Ok, let me have a look. I am not familiar with the plastimo set up. I ll pm you Cheers
  6. I wanted to confirm that lewmar pawls and springs for winches do actually fit clevoco Cheers
  7. Hi there, Does any one have a self stearing pendolum wind vane they'd like to sell? It is for a cav 32 Cheers
  8. Thank you Paul, very valuable info. Cheers
  9. I would like to bring the hull to gel coat in order to asses hull state. Also remove unwanted old paint. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts about antifouling removal. I found a post by battgirl removing antifouling with a mix of cornflour and caustic soda. Also the application of epoxy before the new antifouling. What is the reason behind the epoxy? Is it to cold now for epoxy? Should i be quick in applying the antifouling before the epoxy fully cures? Thank you in advance for your advice! Cheers
  10. Thank you for the quick answer, really apreciated. Cheers
  11. Hi guys. I just bought a couple of cleveco 22 winches. I d need to change a pawl and a spring. Any idea where i could fìnd them? Cheers
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