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  1. Yep they work wicked in workups ....park upwind within casting distance , chuck it amongst the work up and let it sink . 9 times out of 10 it will get hit on the drop by snapper about 10 metres or more below the work up ....same technique works well with the sliders pictured up thread
  2. Looks like we will have our usual sh*t start for the Route 66 then
  3. Yeah na bloody ! what would a pilot know about bronzies and hammers
  4. Looks good on the outside but 5 days of water in the engine room would’ve rooted it ...good do up for a marine engineer maybe
  5. I always hold one hand up , five fingers well spread when they come too close .....always get a wave a back ....then a look of befuddlement when I leave my motionless hand up as they go past at speed . I reckon I might make a set large of flash cards with sarcastic one liners on them , would be handy in the car too .
  6. 4. automatic sprinkler system above the home built battery bank ...that was tongue in cheek . Wonder if any fires lately have been electrical ?
  7. Happy about the Cat3 changes to bilge pumps with portable being allowed . also the water tank and toilet bucket ...have room for a toilet bucket but it would be folly to try and use it .
  8. http://www.sparloft.co.nz/sparloft-mast-sections.html Contact this chap , if you are handy you can swap all the hardware over to a blank section and save quite a few wongas over getting a complete rig made .
  9. 44forty

    Boat Names

    Wonder why that person is covering their face ?
  10. Yep Julian is looking mad
  11. Yeah I’m aware trucks are the only option right now ....im Just comparing the future upgraded northland line with the current auck/ham/Tauranga link that seems to work ok passing through all 3 major centres . im not interested in the political argument ....port of Tauranga has no room to expand ....Auckland has no room to expand ....Hamilton is building a mega inland port with Tainui holdings and port of Tauranga holdings stumping up with the land and the cash ....port of Tauranga has a major stake in northport and Auckland’s metro port ....northport has 700 acres of bare land to expand
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