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  1. 44forty

    Coastal 2020

    Still got a handful of boats out front here at taiharuru/ngunguru bay tacking back and forth . It’s super light 5Kts max
  2. 44forty

    Coastal 2020

    Anonymous misfit at cape Brett this morning
  3. 44forty

    Coastal 2020

    VO65 and Mayhem have just come into view off breamhead . VO65 is fair smoking
  4. 44forty

    Coastal 2020

    First injector or 2nd ?
  5. 44forty

    Coastal 2020

    Racing has left the forum , there’s a tiny bit of CC talk in SA
  6. It’s marine talk man !
  7. Running over-fuelled , I’m guessing he’s monitoring the colour of the smoke for early warning signs of impending turbo or piston meltdown .
  8. My take by looking at some the photos and deciphering the description is that Rudolphshack managed to offload a damaged boat to someone who knows little about boats and less about yachts . And the seller is kinda right that some of it has been fibregrassed !
  9. Hey mate I’ve got a bunch of boats (4) wanting to do the Alan civil 50 miler .

    ive emailed the vice commodore last week but got no reply as yet .

    2 of the boats don’t quite comply and one complies but NZTYA got their undies in a twist and wouldn’t give it a registration . The boats in question are two Elliott 6.5s and one Shaw 750T , my boat Is a Shaw 750T too and has done the race before .

    if you could get the vice to get back to me that would be great and hopefully you will have 4 more boats entered !




    1. eruptn



      Thsnks for the message re the AlanCivil event. I'll let Leonie know.

      What email did you use ?

      What email should we use to contact you.




    2. 44forty


      Hi Brad 

      ive emailed Leonie from s_jcaisley@icloud.com 



    3. eruptn



  10. I can’t help wonder if any owners will try and pose as a crew member to get in to the country .
  11. One of the reasons may be the costs of staying there . i did two winters working there 20 years ago . A trundler full of groceries back then would usually come in @ 700-750 NZD . The rule of thumb was that everything was 3x more expensive than in France and France is not cheap
  12. Tuamotus are pretty desolate if you stay too long and Papeete is hella expensive and has Covid . I reckon they went for the soft touch option and free flight home .
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