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  1. And aah , I did the above for inspection and they didn’t get inspected after a sleepless night hoping the new main would would pass !
  2. It’s actually a valid safety measure for most of the pacific and Caribbean plus med where there are small airstrips/airports often right on the shoreline with little or no air traffic control . Super yachts hang around these sorts of places waiting for guests or dropping them off . most owners wouldn’t give a rats whether the light was on or off or even up there .
  3. Had to change the bulb in one of those 3 times over the course of 6 months . Feckin scary job , 160ft mast with a 7ft wand on top with the masthead light on top of that wand . bosuns chair was crudely tied to my waist with sail ties so I could climb up onto masthead with it still stuck to my ass . Before climbing up you have to hang by one hand onto the wand and pull enough halyard out of the exit to allow you to stand up on the masthead . once up there and standing on a space just big enough for two feet you had to reach above your head at maximum stretch to unscrew the r
  4. It was a rugged night last night . northwest to southerly change with mondo thunder squalls
  5. 44forty


    Just found this pic of it racing the Shaw 9 “Karma police “ in Norway
  6. 44forty


  7. 44forty

    Boat Names

    Desiderata and Desiderata ll. Have seen at least 15 boats called that
  8. 44forty

    Boat Names

    Yeah working on it ...got told off by the missus actually for only thinking up rude names for the boat . Cant keep original name as it’s already registered with another boat which buggers up getting a PHRF ....might call it “Karen fatuwoke”
  9. 44forty

    Boat Names

    Great boat name right there !
  10. 44forty

    Boat Names

    There’s a tinny up here called “bin laden” can’t get more with the times than that . in the owners defence , there is an image of a snapper tail poking out of a fish bin
  11. 44forty

    Birdsall Plans

    There was one in Opua with a ginormous sugar scoop , dunno if it was stainless though
  12. That’s excellent to hear gappy . I will retract my comment
  13. Did the same someone buy a Ross 930 recently ? Would be interesting to see an open chequebook campaign unfold with one of those . You bought deep purple and I’m staying home now ! We don’t like coming 2nd all the time , dunno why we bother
  14. There’s only a few enormous cats out there with code 0 and one of them is sailed by drunken nipples that do inconsiderate sh*t sometimes
  15. A boat at our club just got a bulb done at skellerns . $5.50 per kg if you supply lead or $10.50 kg if they supply lead
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