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  1. Isn’t that what munters do on the weekend ?
  2. They are listed by region on YNZ website I think ?
  3. Keen to see that too ! Outboards qualify as emergency steering but I would far rather have a rudder .
  4. Is it a galaxy or a rocket ? If it’s the galaxy PM me and I can put you in touch with one of the builders
  5. Reminds me of a very expensive generator oil change back in 1999 we were billed for on a superyacht . Ironically right next door to pier 21 , it was the generators first service so the well known Company that supplied the kit sent the apprentice down to do it . invoice came in at $1200 bucks for oil and filter +plus a run up to check all was good . Skipper gave them an earful and I guess it worked the invoiced was reduced substantially and the company is still going and still one of the bigger crowds in the field .
  6. Yep have the same kit and the outlet gets jolly hot to touch but doesn’t offgas or go soft . dimond roofing and metalcraft roofing both do galvanised 80mm down pipe . And you could insulate it with the socks made for heat transfer system ducting which is easily got at big box hardware stores and electrical wholesalers .
  7. 44forty


    Did they do the 100 in that boat ?
  8. Tapotupotu just south of Reinga or ahipara
  9. You will be fine and dry and warm !
  10. 44forty

    Cool Boat

    Didn’t Kevin Dibley come on here a few years ago with his pencil sharpened ready to draw a boat ? he’s done a couple of very nice hardchine racers recently so something along the lines of the RM is not too left field . Elliott has also done two hardchine designs recently for the same builder , one was ply and beautifully simple . Like Deep purple said it’s economy of scale that brings the price down . And like K dibley said a couple of years ago , get 10 people together that want the same boat….and the plans will be fairly cheap . Then find a builder to build them all to keep the co
  11. 44forty

    Cool Boat

    Totally agree , there’s no doubt a boat like that could be designed and built here but I think it would be closer to $1 mil than $500k . it will be luxury for both those guys who only had sitting headroom only in their old boats and pretty much in the bilges on one boat .
  12. Cheers thanks for that , they’ve got some interesting stuff
  13. Yep the heated air is very bloody hot
  14. 44forty

    Cool Boat

    Think the beneteau Figaro 3 is faster . yeah it’s pricey but try and get something like that built here . Further down the track we might see more of these types of boats coming in 2nd hand , they are being churned out pretty quick in good numbers .
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