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  1. Repeating for clarity. "DOC does not have a role in permitting or allowing the race to go ahead. DOC’s role is to advocate for marine mammals and to carry out compliance functions if any incidents involving protected wildlife were to occur which may have broken the law." As it happens, neither do iwi. There is a requirement to consult, but they do not have a right of veto. Russell's problem is he wants a race in a marine sanctuary, but he doesn't want to stop racing if it's a problem. Now he wants that all at a time that is particularly problematic ie breeding season. Whe
  2. It was rather a lot more about RC not getting his way. Nothing happened that he did not agree to beforehand. The agreement was (I understand) virtually unchanged from the previous year. Sail GP has already signed an agreement for next year with (presumably) similar requirements attached to it. Talk of red tape is therefore grossly over-wrought since there was none wrapped around any of the deal this year or next. He's like the housebuyer who is trying to renegotiate the terms after they have signed the agreement.
  3. And yet, he went ahead and signed the contract and its terms and conditions. We know that RC is a sharp commercial operator. He is for sale to the highest bidder. Any statement he is making must be viewed as a positioning tool for the next year - a warning shot that if its not cheaper/easier for him, he'll take his toys and go elsewhere. Now everyone has clarity - RC is in it for the money, local entities need to decide if the paltry amount SailGP pays is worth it balanced against the cost and the options to spend on a different event.
  4. queue howls of outrage.
  5. Yup. Coutts posturing. He'll be hoping CHC council give it to him for free.
  6. More like, Russell tossing toys out because he can't get what he wants. Again.
  7. About the only benefit I can see is a doubling of the value of the boat!
  8. This was the direction of my thinking, and it's for emergency damage control. But I'm cheap, so it would be two spst "key" devices. 1.743 seconds slower to activate, but only $20 for the pair. The starter selector looks after the +ve side, so hit the two keys and twist the start select and the entire battery bank is isolated, both sides. I'm still a bit with K4309 though. I have a built in hatred of ground loops (building audio gear) and additional switches on the -ve side makes space for voltage drop and its inherent riding partners. Keep it up team, what else have I not consi
  9. As an ex auto electrician, it's hard getting over my inherent belief that you leave the "earth" side alone and put all switching on the live side. But a boat is all above ground so it shouldn't matter right? I may not have thought it through so, tell me your thoughts and experience. Existing equipment includes: One house battery, one start battery both lead acid. Alternator Start battery selector switch (off, start, both, house) VSR Solar with mppt controller Capstan with circuit breaker. Go at it team, which side do I put the isolators and why
  10. This presupposes that the only relevant impact is the impact on the economy. We are very good at disregarding social and environmental costs to our detriment. A thought-provoking point made on the program was the potential for maritime exports from NZ to be blacklisted or for those ships to have higher levels of scrutiny (read: cost) when arriving at other ports. Maybe M Bovis was the wrong comparator. Maybe gorse or invasive grasses are a better choice. Even there, we see better funded and more aggressive approaches to management of these invasive species. I suspect the issu
  11. I accept that might be the case, but you stand a much better chance of getting it to a controllable level if you are prepared to put in the investment. In the program the comparison was made to the microbovis outbreak response - it was a sobering thought. M Bovis was identified in 2017 and by 2021 we had spent $350m controlling it (https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/country/455548/review-finds-mycoplasma-350m-bovis-eradication-efforts-on-track) By 2023 we had spent $650m of a predicted $800m to eradicate it. (https://www.farmersweekly.co.nz/news/milestone-for-m-bovis-programme/) At the
  12. Replacement arrived on the Ali Express.
  13. Been a while between drinks. I posted in the weekend thread about a trip to Coromandel that started with the raw water pump impeller self destructing. Here's the replacement. Great price, ordered 03/03, arrived a week later. Looks fine, if you hear nothing more you can assume it's lasting ok. The tiller pilot has been working fine now for a year. No issues with the mounting and leverage, but tracking is a bit random. It's going to get connected to the OpenCPN plotter this winter so that should resolve this minor issue.
  14. boom tent in place already. Prepping for Cat 1 and some off-shore cruising? 😁
  15. do you know the yacht at all? Check out the state of the one behind it...
  16. Not sure what the vessel is, or the reason for the sinking
  17. In all seriousness, I was warned of this. By the time you include sails, standing and running rigging and associated guff, the cost of free wind energy is more than the cost of cash-paid carbon
  18. Meh Kick out the ICE diesel and go gas turbine on your genset. A bitch to start, but very efficient at fixed rpm, run on any liquid fuel, and that pleasing jet engine howl to leave them all scratching their heads. And you can cook over the exhaust.
  19. Can I just reword that slightly. The environmental benefit of not using any petroleum products are definitely there, but the relative benefit of (insert alternative technology or activity here) vs petroleum fuel use is a far more fraught equation. For example, if I had to row our dinghy everywhere the general public would be exposed to unacceptable levels of vulgarity.
  20. Hell, the 2qm20 in SO is now 50 years old. It's done about 70 hours a year for the past 4 years, so probably about 3500 hours in its lifetime. It uses around 3 litres an hour at cruise revs, so close to 10,000 litres in its lifetime. That's about a 10 tonnes of diesel. Which generates about 26 tonnes of CO2 or half a tonne per year. SO was bought because we couldn't fly to Japan for ski trips during COVID. Those flights were about 22 hours return. A passenger generates around 90kg of CO2 emissions per hour when flying. For two people our flight would have generated almost four t
  21. that's not politics, its science.
  22. Ok, you've motivated me. Two of these going in this weekend. No excuse really. They were $10 each. I'll need to make up a couple of cables but still...
  23. I can't see any exhaust skin fittings...
  24. Looking at the damage to the ferry, I would be very surprised if the only damage was to the pushpit. That may have been all that was visible, but an impact like that shifts engines and drivetrain, damages structural members, displaces cabin fittings etc... Insurer's generally go "knock for knock" in auto stuff, I'm not sure what process they might follow on water. The ferry's insurer has the option to recover from the other boat owner directly if the insurer declines cover. Again, an insurance issue, and a cost of business issue as you note. If the ferry owner was insu
  25. Totally. But the requirements for conviction at law are different to the requirements set in a commercial contract. At worst, the insurer would use an "utmost good faith" type wording. Any insurer would prefer not to pay if they can...
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