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  1. How many coats and what did you use under it?
  2. jonathan

    Deck paint

    and what do you prep and fill with under water based?
  3. jonathan

    Deck paint

    I want to paint the deck on my hans christian 38, lots of teak so not that much deck.... I want to use a non solvent water based polyurethane. But i want a high gloss white finish, will be mainly brushed. What brand? I like the look of the altex elite but don't really want the solvent hassles is it worth it, can you get same finish with water based.
  4. what do you put as your home port?
  5. So my charger (via gen-set) charges the current AGM at 49Amps dead flat, if i put the a 180ah into the boat it would meet the initial C10 33% 50amp charge, did anyone establish what happens if you go below this?
  6. Firefly got my attention https://youtu.be/PrhapRFkt7o
  7. ok if I wanted to build a carbon fibre sphere, say about 800mm diameter, lets say I had a mould (1/2 sphere....) how much would it cost to make each one in materials... doesnt have to take much load, for the inside of a custom globe.... question 2 , what would be best material for the mould???
  8. also from those who have ac systems onboard.... how much did your eWof cost you? I am a 120V boat, I feed 240 into a full isolating step down transformer then into the boat via a decent system, from there charge 12V run fridges etc etc...
  9. I only have an immediate need for 3rd party but if reasonable would consider a bigger policy... will try baileys now
  10. hi, I normally berth on piles in Tamaki river, but have been offered a berth at Westhaven for a while, I need insurance, I don't want to get a full survey done etc, what are my options, feel free to ring me on 021 380 611 Peter 1982 Hans Christian 38 yacht Looking for a eWof person as well
  11. isn't most 4 stroke lawn mower oil 10 30
  12. I have been on piles in Panmure for 8 years, you get very used to no shore power, just go solar Sad for the racing boats that need a dehumidifier tho, feel better about leaving westhaven now
  13. i would remove the secondary filter (after lift pump and put another in.... just in case seals not good, not much to those seals, any diesel on engine around injector pump?
  14. thinking a go pro it was not safe
  15. I keep my boat up at Panmure there are a lot of idiot mustang power boat owners that blast past you doing 10 knots , almost every trip.... I fully support robust enforcement of 5 knot speed limit
  16. jonathan


    is there a link to what is required for an ewof
  17. jonathan


    Have a Harken that needs a new bearing, but it must be 30 years old, I rate it. Not cheap but quality normally is expensive. On a 12ton 45ft boatr
  18. jonathan

    Iridium Go

    I will stick with Pactor for now...
  19. turn it over and sprey hits of CRC engine start into the air intake.... remove air filter... you will get minor knocking but the engine will actually run this way I can bleed me Perkins 4108 this way and they are bastards to manually bleed
  20. CRC engine start goes a long way in situations like this, I always carry 2 cans just in case, has save my ass offshore, the comment about a good battery is spot on, more amps = higher compression = easier starting every time.
  21. been here water blaster and washing up liquid then a hose with sprey head..... blaster creates foam... its your friend in this case
  22. jonathan


    must be the season had to rebed the rear injector on my 4108
  23. jonathan

    Hose clips

    wow those are some sexy hose clips.....
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