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  1. no reply at this stage but has ben sent forward for consideration. Dear Paul Carnahan Thank you for your email which I will pass on for consideration. Kind regards Tracey Office of Hon David Parker Office of Hon David Parker MP | Attorney-General | Minister for the Environment | Minister for Oceans and Fisheries | Minister of Revenue | Associate Minister of Finance
  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/man-sentenced-after-selling-half-a-tonne-of-crayfish-on-the-black-market/JDIAM44TV6IAUZ2QCPX422A464
  3. Thought they changed jibs??might explain the horrible creases when released. Someone on the radio made a good suggestion.Seeing how the top end wind range has been capped why not increase the minimum range by 2 knots.
  4. Correct WHEELS commodores have to have the right oil.penrite is a good choice. Valvoline oils I steer well a from.particully their 2 strike oil.
  5. They have put out a strong tide current warning.nirth of kaipara to boi.gt barrier and Matata to tolaga bay
  6. buying is inexpensive,maintaining,Hmm how much 4ltsantifoul Oh have to haul out and on it goes.
  7. harrytom

    Boat rage

    Had he boarded her vessel then yes to the oar,but once he left her vessel the threat has passed??
  8. harrytom

    Boat rage

    Heat of Madness and to be fair WHO hasnt done the nut at someone for same incident.Then dust settles generally followed by a discussion of apology Join Hands and sing Kumbaya
  9. Recently asked Legasea via F/B why they supported this non binding Rahui yet they would not support a court approved reserve at Motiti Island.NO answer. Asked same question to their bosses and the reply was the Rahui gives hope for recovery of Shellfish/crayfish.Reserves do not have an active roll in producing Biomass of stocks. Confused I am. Noted at Parliament today the question was asked .Will this Rahui gain legal standing and be backed by Oceans and Fisheries.NO answer. I currently have an email in with the Minister over the "Rescuefish" policy as it is not as seems .
  10. First was the salthouse 25,a raven owner(ian scoffin) couldnt be leave the room compared to the raven.Salthouse tachyon (ex terry gillespies) only problem was the under forward bunk dunny, sold and still off te atatu. a few yrs later brought a cav 26. both slept 4,cav sailed better but the salthouse was comfortable with 10hp bukh. For a 10/12k boat proberly cannot go past,most ravens still have the original ys8 yannmar.Problem with yachts is like any,at the price probably needs sail replacement. A good main and number 2 sufficient.
  11. I wouldn't have a drive belt.went away on a older vessel and belt parted.no danger at the time but no 5 minute job to change.no idea how old belt was though
  12. Raven 26 salthouse 25 over the cav26.wish I never the salthouse
  13. Fixed a transducer in hull in trailer sailor(m20)Hummingburd,and yes worked but not as accurate as stern mounted ,last boat had a thru hull transducer and log paddle,far more accurate.Problem with gluing inside a glass hull is you may be gluing over an air bubble in hull.
  14. Thats been my arguement for yrs with advocacy groups,take first 4/7 legal fish,no sorting or high grading like comms do,in fact go one step futher like whats just been introduced in South Australia. https://afta.net.au/new-snapper-management-plans-in-south-australia New snapper fishing management arrangements for the South East including recreational bag limits will come into effect 1 February 2021. Recreational fishers will be allowed to catch two snapper per person per day or six per boat but it will be mandatory to report catches through the Department of Primary Industries a
  15. scallops dont eat them,mussels cheap as chips at supermarket $3/4 kg fishing is a day out (pastime)happy with 2 or 3.
  16. Even the xmas cup didnt seem to be at his best
  17. Total ban around the entire coastline including offshore islands for 1 mile,if NZ is serious in preserving what we have.But it would never happen.
  18. Mussels yes at he new farm in Awaaroa bay,scallops in Hooks bay+ crays,but paua Hmm not to my knowledge.
  19. Seafood in NZ is probably the most expensive one can buy expect the Japan Tuna market.Skinned bone snapper $38/40kg nz Aussie $22kg Gurnard $28/32 nz Aussie $16kg Crayfish nz $119 kg "B" grade china "A" grade $100 per cray and remember its flown 1/2 around the world to get there.
  20. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/te-manu-korihi/435470/two-year-rahui-for-waiheke-island-waters-to-protect-kaimoana Came in to effect today. All for preserving our Kaimoana but unless Govt/Fisheries sign off it is unenforceable. This imo is the start of very dangerous slippery slope. Everytime that IWI thinks a particular part of the coast needs protecting will the GOVT agree and sign off?? Is it the start of IWI control of foreshore/seabed. Yes some parts need protecting/closure and certain species are in a collapsed state.
  21. Despite AM and technical issues,Dean was not or showed no agression at the start.Happy to let Luna take advantage. Was this Deans last cup??
  22. 9.00ish high tide 3.2m be a decent chop by race time. Race to Mahurangi will be interesting if the AC still out there.
  23. Be interesting to see what course they lay.s to se would mean straight up and down rangi channel wouldnt it??
  24. harrytom

    Boat rage

    Would have to agree.hes pissed or drugged.inflatable ok till he rammed her.
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