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  1. Plus 1 for the Delta, way under rated. 3m long and I could just haul it up on a halyard on my own. I think the Sunburst would be a lot heavier.
  2. Agree with Fish re lubricating the track, especially for hoisting. We had a few problems of the same sort but did two things which now make it very easy to get up and down, and we're 43ft with a large, heavy mainsail. Firstly, we eased the bearing for the spindle at the mast because we discovered that was one part of the problem, it was just too tight a fit. Now I can raise the main by hand (at the mast), at least halfway before it needs to be winched. Secondly, we abandoned the furling line, exchanged the aluminium winch handle socket on the drum with a stainless steel one, and no
  3. And we had a Piedy. Twenty boats or more and super competitive. Spent the first year coming second to last, consistently. And the Feltex, four days of racing over two weekends. Buddy magic time for yacht racing!
  4. I don't understand why there aren't 20, 30, 40, or 50 Goat Island type reserves in the Gulf. They would just take up a small fraction of the Gulf area and would surely make at least a small difference. I was up at Kawau for the weekend and saw several instances of people fishing, catching only small ones and throwing them back in. Do those small ones actually survive?
  5. chippie

    Non Skid deck

    I presume those panels behind Ran Tan's wheels fold up into a platform for the person on the helm. Just wondering how they work and whether they were custom made or something you can buy off the shelf.
  6. The Delta is a Ron Given design and although it's glass, it's pretty light. Sails way better than any of the other sailing tender types. Looks really nice too.
  7. One of ours has died, anyone got one they want to sell? Or suggestions for a replacement?
  8. We draw 2.7m and were up there in March. The channel's narrow but deep enough as long as you hold your breath in a couple of spots. We tried to anchor upstream from the wharf to not be in anyone's way but too many moorings and bit dicey on the depth so came back and anchored in the pool off the wharf hoping we weren't going to be a nuisance there. A big fishing boat came right up beside us and we prepared to receive an earful but he offered us his mooring while he was away for a couple of nights and said we were fine where we were anyway. Nice people up there. There's not heaps of room so
  9. Should that be Aarle Rixtel? ( My parents came from Helmond)
  10. Many, many years ago, we took my mate's uncle out for a sail on the Piedy on a reasonably blustery day. At one point we crash gybed the Piedy same as always and after a minute or so, realised uncle John, who'd been sitting near the stern, was no longer with us. He was wearing full wet weather gear and boots, no life jacket. Hey, it was a Piedy and a long time ago! Anyway, we went back to get him, a bit worried he was going to sink out of sight with all that gear on, and found him happily floating on the surface waiting for us. He'd done a lot of sailing so hadn't panicked. He'd quickly
  11. Will you guys please,please, stop telling people what a beautiful place the Gulf is. If anyone asks me, I always say it's awful and they wouldn't like it.
  12. Trying to attach a photo of the guilty party but it won't let me. It'll be me for sure but what am I doing wrong? Just looked at the the one Clipper posted and ours looks slightly different. BEP with "campmaster" on the regulator, blue solenoid casing and black tightening wheel. On the solenoid, "VR2 12v DC, Compatible with 600-GDL Gas Detector"
  13. Ours was a BEP John, and like Clipper says, a shitty electrogalv bracket which is never going to have a hope in a marine environment. The one I replaced was also BEP and was about eight years old too. I thought I was doing the right thing by fitting a new one when the hose was replaced. Now wondering if I should contact BEP because I don't think it's a minor issue if more people are having problems with them. You'd never realise there's a leak unless you can smell it or test with the soap solution. Well there's the big bang method I suppose.
  14. Sounds like it's back to climbing out into the cockpit every time we've finished with the gas. Wonder how many others are slowly leaking gas and also wondering how they can be sold as "fit for purpose".
  15. Just been away for three weeks and had the gas sensor go off a couple of times. Checked everything with the soapy water method and every connection was fine. (not many connections because we only run the stove off the cylinder). Almost accidentally dripped some of the soap solution on the actual solenoid casing and saw bubbles coming from both the top and bottom of the casing. Took the regulator off and replaced it with our spare non solenoid operated regulator, carefully tested and everything fine. I'm bit perturbed by this. The solenoid operated regulator is only about six months old a
  16. Yeah, we've had the kingies doing the "whack the boat thing" at the Barrier. Any idea why they do it?
  17. I feel your pain BP. Almost exactly the same thing happened to us with a similar product nearly twenty years ago. We'd got all the old antifouling off and spent many hours longboarding the hull getting it as fair as we could. The guy who sold us the product insisted on applying it as well to "make sure it was done right". He sprayed on the first coat and we started to get the impression that he hadn't done much spraying before because it was a pretty unusual technique compared to what we'd ever seen before. It came out grossly orange peeled with major runs everywhere. Got a bit worri
  18. Ron Given's Delta. Could be too big at 3m. Fibreglass, but no heavier than our old 2.4m ply dinghy. Honks under sail, easy to row, and virtually planes with a 3.3hp outboard.
  19. Also wonder if there's any value in asking the question as to how many boats are in shared ownership. We have been for many years. It's worked out great. Two to share the costs so either half the cost or twice the boat for the same money. (very roughly speaking) And two people to do the maintenance.
  20. We had a "bruce" type anchor on our boat when we bought it. Can't remember if it was branded or not. Lovely stainless steel thing that we unhappily dragged all round any sea bed we tried to anchor in unless it was flat calm and then we think the heap of chain on the bottom did all the work. Ashamed to say we sold it on TM to a launch owner. Shackled on the spare which was a Delta, ….much, much, better. Then KM talked us into a Sarca Excell. Best ever! Do it right and the thing hooks on almost immediately and don't let go. So good, we occasionally have to short the chain as much as we c
  21. Just been watching the latest video and wondering what those struts either side of the transom are for. I'm curious.
  22. Call me a wuss but it makes me think twice about cruising round on my inflatable paddle board. It swam under our boat while we were dropping sails just past the bridge and it was a lot bigger than I'd realised. I've already had a whack from a stingray out from Herne Bay and I'm not sure which of us got the bigger fright. Made me very aware of the meaning of the word inflatable.
  23. Building inspections are paid for by the owners.
  24. Was thinking of both, but that's a good idea for racing.
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