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  1. I'm not sure if 17.5 kts is breaking any laws
  2. Have had WN for 4 years now, happy with it. Sad to say our anchoring routine has become having 1 person below to say 'green, 3 bars' before we drop the hook...
  3. Lucky we use metric so nobody knows... Pretty legend move saying he'll pay for all the petrol! Just wait until the crew finds out they are up for 400 liters of diesel at $100/l....
  4. Boat is a separate entity to crew. Boat won't need to be NZ registered and will get standard duty-free entry period as a visitor. Crew will need to be NZ citizens, residents or have exemptions.
  5. Can you advise what brand/type of diesel heater? Are you talking about a forced air system?
  6. Actually plenty of them ashore feeding in the restaurants. Possibly not humpbacks though - I've never wanted to get close enough to ask.
  7. Ha, mine shrank in a fire in my flat in Antibes. Ended up about large envelope size - coat and leggings 8>(
  8. Dtwo


    Slippers with legs
  9. Fancy/expensive foulies in rain = wetness. My theory is that it's the "breathable" nature of the material - as in it should let the fresh water leak out while keeping the salt water (bigger particles) from getting in. That may be fine but I have never understood what keeps the fresh water from getting in. I gave up on fancy wet weather gear many years ago. If you want to stay dry in the rain, wear a raincoat.
  10. If in doubt leave the trailer lashed on.
  11. I am glad that my keel is integral, the idea of running into something and having to then check (and possibly repair) the keel is pretty scary. OK when you are around the gulf but in the middle of the ocean, bad weather forecast.........8>( Also, most AWBs have a "liner" poo'd in. That would be number one on my "no f'in way" list.
  12. Dtwo

    Solar contactor

    I'm only looking at the 75/10 or 75/15. I'd run a separate controller per panel to deal with shading. Thanks for the link! That is a great help.
  13. Dtwo

    Solar contactor

    Do you have an example of the solid state relay? The P115 is normally open and apparently is low power consumption (I wish I knew more about this stuff....). Looking at the Victron Smartsolar MPPT, with the relay between panel and controller.
  14. Dtwo

    Solar contactor

    Working through adding a couple of 100W panels. I need to have a contactor in the feed so the lithium BMS can switch off the panels if necessary. I've been recommended the Gigavac P115bda but I am having a real problem sourcing them for reasonable $$. Any suggestions for an alternate? Here is the P115 spec. https://www.gigavac.com/products/p115bda
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