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  1. Typical out of controll response. Hey we only want them To slow down , we don’t care what else they do but slow down , runabouts , fast launches are fine I have owned them , we only comment on thoes that speed close to others causing wake. ,just slow down dot
  2. Very basic don’t be seen and nobody will talk about you
  3. I bet it’s wet , that looks like scout
  4. Try baileys I’ve found them very loyal and good to deal with , Neil Bailey who I dealed with ,in the beginning was good .and that’s 20 years ago and still with me , but not made a claim to comment
  5. You have a seriously large serial number on there bows as in America on boats We yachts have a sail number as I.d then they will stay away from us so we can’t read the number to complain. And that’s all we want
  6. Myjane

    Chain to warp

    Km Is right with the strength of the rope to chain link v the eye splice I used to shudder looking at those three strands around that link , I just payes to keep an eye on it
  7. BP I had the same prob with the princess oven a needle was winner and clear the jet then the flicker had dislodged its self maby through cleaning but all good now
  8. Yes native that’s what we want if it doesn’t sink in that others have to put up with the bad wash of these boats because most of the skippers of these boats do t have a clue what they are doing. They are not boating people they don’t care and don’t want to know , most have never done any safety training or seamanship corses they only want to go fishing or tow there kids around anchorages ,, I used the words ,,most , and some , but not all , as the ones who do respect the others we wave thanks
  9. Very dark colours to be seen under water on the keel rudder
  10. I see the rules want these kids to ware helmets
  11. Why would you trust your anchor with these Just get the right length chain , the consept seems dodgy ,
  12. Three trumpets at ripples at Xmas for the grandkids was $23 nearly fell over
  13. Is that every 4 years like the whangeri noumea of old
  14. It all depends where you are on the water , boat helps but position on water is it , Spencer boats are fast especially down wind I sailed sailent reciently and man crack sheets and hang on they fly ,
  15. Try beta marine uk look at ther stock for canal boats there priced right compared to this place
  16. I brought an English marinised motor for my boat. Some of the motors I saw in the factory in England while I was there were set up for the canal boats same block but beautyfull painted and polished brass fittings , some steel parts dipped and polished on brass or bronze I was told they were for canal boats
  17. Well maby a Roberts , but the rig is way back like a Spencer much like whispers , Spencer designed a boat and didnt know where to put the mast so it went in the middle , ha ha Good looking boat I was it come in on Monday ish
  18. BP I think that another Spencer
  19. Good looking boat is it in strife
  20. Thanks that’s what I have and cockpit light that will do thanks subject closed
  21. After reading about anchor lighting before annerversery weekend I went to maharangi for few days , a few mates up there and one said to me , you don’t have correct lighting , I don’t want to start this one off again so keep it short , I have a mast head light , I have cockpit light I that all I need , most only had mast lights , well
  22. Seems like we are getting forced out of boating , marina prices putting buyers off , councls wanting no moorings, a worm that fans taking over , and Mother Nature won’t be nice so we can go boating , it’s not easy
  23. It doesn’t look abandoned, it’s maby someone’s home who doesn’t sail it
  24. Myjane

    Bloody engine

    Stick to the basic problem fuel line let air in , replace , bleed hole system , filters , injectors, and lines and should go
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