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  1. Haha, yeah, nah, not what I meant. I agree with khayyam that actually enforcing our existing rules might be a good start.
  2. Driven a car lately? They are Licensed and registered. Still bloody idiots everywhere. And crashes
  3. Young 11 from Queensland I think.
  4. Its not like its a race with one of the biggest fleets each year. Oh wait. Nevermind. maybe they are too busy planning a kiwi defence of the Americas Cup Oh. Wait. Nevermind…..
  5. Im excited, started the conversion from cruiser to ‘cruiser with race sails’ today.
  6. This one should probably work OK
  7. Some bulb reshaping perhaps?
  8. Shimmer looks a lot more suitable than some that have made it around.
  9. Looks a lot like a big 62’ cat
  10. My favourite game is to load up my trolley(s) and only look at the gate, walk to the gate. If i stop to check for cyclists, scooters, dogs, ill never get there. The marina was built for boaties. Who pay obscene amounts to keep their boats there. Public are welcome to walk around, the area, but not welcome to hold up access to my boat.
  11. Clipper


    I used a vpn app on my phone to watch live on youtube, mirrored to tv. The racing was good, the visuals pretty good, pretty bad commentary as usual. The crash was a windward boat (ainslie) failing to see a boat to leeward and landing on them. Looks like nz almost hit the french because of it too. Very exciting, but poor nathan.
  12. Cant you just climb up like a normal person?
  13. But BP, don't you like the environment?
  14. That is quite a large 5 knot zone. That can only be a good thing....
  15. I’d also like that to be the case, but these rules are not saying that
  16. wow. Epic stupidity. Who came up with this horseshit? (Thanks for the head up though Rowan)
  17. distance to walk! its a long way down some piers...
  18. Not turned. Carbon tube glued into carbon plate and edges sanded. push dyneema through hole, put sika around the flat carbon, pull up tight, clean up and let set. No ingress in to cabin, I suppose the base of the dyneema stayed damp, but never seemed to be an issue.
  19. The rings are tubes that are glued into the deck, to seal up core. Kind of a hollow upside down top hat
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