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  1. I just wish they'd hurry up and make a call on whether or not the PoA is going to stay or go, and if it goes, where to. Its a godawful eyesore and the land has huge potential to transform the Auckland waterfront. Stadium or not, that whole area could be a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy rather than a container park and used car yard.
  2. +1 for modern plastics in Ellerslie. I took my old windows in and they used them as a template for cutting new ones.
  3. Theres one on ebay https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Tilley-Paraffin-Iron-/192652371159?hash=item2cdaf9e4d7 What a cool object - Buy it!
  4. Have you tried these guys? www.sailbrokers.co.nz
  5. Ditto. I find its best to stand in a blob and walk around the boat first. This saves the worry of doing it later.
  6. Arts and craft supply shops sell it for about $20 per A4 sheet, or you can buy it online. Googles your friend https://www.etsy.com/nz/listing/570166347/carbon-fiber-sheet-for-prototypes-rc?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=carbon%20fibre%20sheet&ref=sc_gallery-1-10&plkey=0b0f4ce53642a9a521fb69467cd204829764aacf:570166347
  7. +1. I just showed this photo to the missus and her first comment was - "thats the F*&^knuckle" He cut us off when we were approaching Tiri channel from Tuts a few years ago. Threw up a dirty big wake as he crossed our bow to close and gave her a major fright.
  8. Agreed. Its one thing to throw shite from the sidelines, but its a big commitment to jump into the cesspit and wrestle. A big thanks needs to go to them.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Either erosion or its floating free as it drys out
  10. I put a kitset one into landfill years back after I stripped all the hardware. Back in the day, there were a few floating around Nelson - maybe a shout-out to some clubs down there might yield a sighting.
  11. They're pretty lenient out at Westpark/Hobsonville as long as you dont draw attention to yourself. Last time i was there, there was a bloke who dry sanded the bottom of our 42fter for $150 cash and did an ok job. I hate sanding with a passion so went for that option.
  12. Isn't it Larrys vain attempt at becoming the Bernie Ecclestone of yacht racing. Well, that was my take on it anyway
  13. We're in the initial stages of planning an extended period of living aboard and cruising NZ and we're wondering what others do to handle postal mail and couriers while theyre moving around? - we dont want to burden family or friends. A google search and I found these guys www.privatebox.co.nz. From what i can see, they give you a fixed address that they clear the mail from, they'll then scan your mail to you (via email?) and hold courier packages until you notify them of a collection point nearest you. Just curious to know what others have done and if anyone has used a service like t
  14. Similar shenanigans going on at Hobsonville/Westpark Marina. It seems Mr Herbert has a very loving relationship with Panuku and its not only the berth holders that are up in arms - a lot of home owners could loose their lovely harbour views ($$) to his planned apartment blocks. $2 - $5M for 6,000m2 of Auckland foreshore seems a pretty sweet deal https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12053876 Its good to see the various marina associations combining their numbers
  15. Back in the mid 2000's I was given a ballpark number of $30k plus cradle for a 42fter, hence sailing was a no brainer. IIRC, duty no longer applies but GST was payable.
  16. Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated. I took a look over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at the PBC facilities and the area in general. Now I need to get my head around the boat jobs that need to be addressed if I sever the marina umbilical cord.
  17. Is there anyone here who can comment on the suitability and usability of the pile moorings in the Tamaki River? The lease is up on my Hobsonville marina berth shortly and co-incidentally AT/harbourmaster have a 40ft pile mooring available in the 3 rows opposite the Panmure Boat club. I've never used a pile mooring before and always enjoyed the walk on, walk off ease of use with a berth however the close proximity to the gulf and cost of a pile mooring are appealing, hence im keen to hear feedback from others that keep their boat there or are familiar with the setup. Key things I'd
  18. Good tip Wheels except that stuff only works on ferro boats
  19. and as some of us will testify, back in the eighties it was absorbed very effectively by the vinyl upholstery in our parents Ford Cortina's.
  20. Theres now a leopard seal out at Hobsonville Marina - warning notices have gone up on all the piers.
  21. One of these in a bucket hoisted up the mast will give you mobile wifi in surprisingly remote places.
  22. I hate to say it but I had the exact same problem with my old Autohelm (Raymarine) AP and a new 6002 head unit didn't fix the problem I'm sorry to say. My next step will be replacing the old course computer and see if that fixes things. I've wondered if its caused by a voltage spike from the next step regulator as it only seems to happen when motoring?! but then again, there's very little rhyme or reason to when it happens
  23. Interestingly, Auckland Transport (Akl City Council) are moving into the Vodafone building shortly hence I wonder where their staff are parking?!.
  24. If you replace the bank, do you need AGM's? 6 x 6volt golf cart (lead) batteries, wired to give 12 volt would give you the same amp hours and cost about half as much by my reckoning. Just a thought
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