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  1. Romany

    She's Back...

    That's a good question Fish. Does Owha see in color even when it is spelt incorrectly? I'd expect she wouldn't know what colour it was - given she is a native of an area about as far as u can get away from the land of piss poor spelling.
  2. Romany

    She's Back...

    How selfish... what about the greater good, and anyway my white deflatable is the 'bait'. Don't forget we'd be doing this in the name of science. I am angling toward the hope that we might get an offer of some kind of gratuitous grant from DOC. Plus I would get a new dinghy.
  3. Romany

    She's Back...

    We could do an experiment. I'll leave my white deflatable, you and Fish leave your yellow and grey deflatables and we will see. Did I mention my one is rooted already so i really don't care?
  4. Romany

    She's Back...

    Elly u are onto it. I'd imagine that the people at Juicy Rentals feel the same way about Keas. Hear the tourists when we had em exclaim "Aww look at the cute liddle mountain pawwots ripping the wind screen sealant out .." Reluctantly I agree there are some similarities in the situation. Both are wild, both are apparently cute (seals don't do it for me but that's how I roll), both have habitat intrusion by naughty mankind, both suffering from global warming (lets not get into that). I just wish the seal would keep to its own backyard like the Keas do, and no I cannot accept "t
  5. Yeah me too Kevin. Also gotta say it's interesting and helpful to know a little about fellow crew orgers backgrounds.
  6. sorry 'bout that P2 - i thought you meant on the patrol dinghys. Der.
  7. Unsurprising really. Flight deck is on the piss and there's no yellow dot to aim at.
  8. Super cool... I'd be interested to know what these puppies sell for. Just bein' nosey tho - this is not on my approved purchases list that the better half has given me.
  9. Wait a minute - I resemble that remark
  10. and there is the Achilles heel. Relying on people to 'do the right thing' has been proven time and time again to fail. Call me a pessimist but in matters of public health - especially under the current circumstances this will lead to tears, or worse. What was the point of going into lock down, creating the economic mayhem that we still haven't seen the full measure of yet - to be apologetic about policies designed for protecting the greater good? Dumb n dumber if u ask me..
  11. Relevance MH? If its a game of good v bad don't forget things such as; Alain Prost Champagne And the Citroen 2CV6! CURSE THEM.. And I'm not saying my things are necessarily relevant either
  12. I'd be buying a spear gun as an accessory. The leopard seal might decide it fancies your i Sup thingy and that may be a problem if you happened to be on it at the time
  13. so now i'm a rich prick. I have run out of posts
  14. IT does that apply to deep cycle AGM too?
  15. don't rush off - the fewer balanced individuals there are, the more on the piss the whole thing becomes. Crikey I better wotch what I'm doing - 3 posts already. And there I go breaking the rules about bad language and spelling. Sorry teacher.
  16. I will admit after posting I thought that its a shame that the very, very small - but consistently bloody annoying minority screw it up for the majority. Such is life.
  17. I was wondering how you would address that and your decision demonstrates an even hand. well done you.
  18. Lights blue touch paper - standing clear
  19. Seems a bit mad that one company can prevent another from being able to compete. If Smuggler etc had something different to offer surely they have the right to toss their hats in the ring. There must be more to the story.
  20. Aside from just the fact of being in NZ which is a big deal, I can't see you missing much else. Pretty sure it will be available on pay TV. With all the airfare spend that you'll save u can hopefully afford the full ppv package.
  21. Romany

    She's Back...

    Fish in your conversation the leopard seal guy did u establish if there is a way that a non marina based water user can establish where the seal is? I think that would be a good thing. Do u have any contact details for the guy?
  22. Romany

    She's Back...

    She probably does not eat the dinghy - rather, just rips it apart? Without wanting to re-start that discussion re getting rid of the bloody thing, I personally would feel more at ease if I could know where this animal is at any time. Does anybody know if DOC has investigated popping a tracker, rather than a cap, in its ass?
  23. Romany

    Lost posts

    I dont post much because I mostly like to think about what I'm about to say and being of Libran star sign that takes time. Clearly software is set up for a more "shoot from the lip" kind of audience - as many posts demonstrate.
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