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  1. My brother was inspired by David Lewis to do a trip to Antarctica on his boat Snow Petrel with my Dad and younger brother as crew. My younger brother did a documentary on it and my Dad wrote a book. It's a pretty cool story of a real adventure on a super low budget but my eldest brother is a master mariner and really left no stone unturned in his preparation. For anyone interested the documentary Snow Petrel downunder is now on YouTube in 3 parts and the book is available online(or I have a copy of the book and DVD if anyone wants to borrow them). Its best to watch the movie
  2. That looks really good. Nice work. Have you sold the shaw?
  3. A quick mind dump of ideas to get the discussions starting. I would suggest to make it a 2 part event with a southern and northern fleet and the leg from auckland south be the main leg with all boats. Southern fleet starts a week earlier and stops over in Auckland (or somewhere else...?) and the northern fleet and southern fleet start together in auckland for a combined race south. Then the northern fleet races home. This will encourage a huge participation for the southern leg and all boats complete a full lap. Waikawa would make a great stopover and I think a decent length stop with a
  4. Cool! Filled out the survey and given a bunch of ideas.
  5. Fast boat that one. It will love that prod. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
  6. I love this. I wonder if there is anything like this that us boaties in the hauraki gulf can help with?
  7. How about having the band play on the end of the wharf or boat/barge and people anchor and raft up close. If there was a big raft up then how many are we allowed per boat? Rogue's good for at least 20-25 and the the new stereo should be sufficient for a cockpit dance floor.
  8. Me and a couple of mates have blokarts. Soo much fun! Pretty easy to get 50-60kph out of them. Any faster is pretty scary. I can post here next time we head out if anyone wants to have a go.
  9. I did my first Sydney Hobart as a 17 year old on Whispers II as part of the 1994/1995 tasman triangle race. Fun boat downwind in a blow.
  10. Agree, rum race, prizegiving, party. Have the events berth available for out of town boats for the night. Sounds like the perfect end to the triple series.
  11. I prefer the navionics, mostly just because I am used to them from my phone and tablet. Nothing wrong with C-Map though. I still have the c-map card from my vulcan if you are interested.
  12. Agreed, it's my new favorite as well.
  13. Any water inside a boat makes it extremely hard to control downwind as it rushes forward when the boat surges down a wave. It becomes a compounding problem as the anchor locker typically stays full as the bow is getting more water over it.
  14. With no covid you would clear out at Bora Bora, stop at maupiti (last atol in FP) then suwarow (northern cook islands), nuie, tonga Minerva and NZ. Or the southern route aitutaki, palmiston, nuie. But with covid I'm not sure exactly where you will be allowed to stop. As jon said Minerva is a great point to leave to NZ but I think you need 2 weeks at sea before entering NZ and they class that as a port even though its uninhabited.
  15. Hey Ben, the Beneteau we sailed as a family down from France to NZ we named Rogue. I love the name and it's probably pretty accurate! A family gone ROGUE! So only fitting that the next family boat was called Rogue II. GONE ROGUE DEFINITION TO GO ROGUE informal to start behaving in a way that is not normal or expected, especially by leaving your group and doing something dangerous.
  16. I remember that too. Was an amazing sight. Think I was on Mint for that one.
  17. We had a really fun day on the Rogue II. Was a voyage of discovery for us learning what makes the boat go and what sails we actually have. No idea of the sail crossovers as we hoisted 2 old gennakers we had never seen and a new code zero that we had only checked to see if it fitted so the reach down to the noiseys was a bit painful changing between gennakers and code zero to find something that worked. The guys who had decent small flat gennakers made good gains on this leg. Watched Phil on the deep purple blast past us on that leg like we were standing still! They looked fantastic and rounded
  18. I will take a couple Jono. Can catch ya at the briefing.
  19. B00B00


    That book looks like a great read. Might have to try and find that one. Maybe we should start a crew.org book swap thread? I have hundreds and I'm sure others have as well. I'm off the the south island for a 2 week campervan trip next week. Hoping to check out both Greymouth and Westport. Havent been down the west coast by road since I was a kid, only a few times by boat. Did kaikoura, marlborough and Nelson last weekend.
  20. Going back a few years.... Alaska in 2001 on Shaman. Kodiak island, Prince William sound, Kenai Pennisular and back down the inside passage through Juneau, ketchican and onto Seattle. Followed by a cruise down the west coast of the USA onto mexico and back to Hawai where I started the voyage.
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