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    We have a kiwi prop on our Ross 10.6 with a lombardini 28hp. I have not been overly impressed with the motoring speed even after playing with the pitch a few times and reverse is to far over pitched for us. Any growth on the prop and the engine just stalls in reverse unless you slam it hard to full throttle. I believe they are good on cruisers with bigger engines but i think they suffer a bit on smaller engines as the blades are not that efficient at getting the horsepower to the water. Customer service seems to be very good. We hit a log very hard with the prop and there was
  2. Everyone in our group drank the whangaroa water and had no issues. But we did put it though a filter. The same with the Russel water.
  3. We stopped at mangonui but i didnt note if there was water or not sorry. The water bouy in whangaroa was fully functional when we were there.
  4. We are heading to Matai bay now and maybe will venture all the way to cape reinga tomorrow weather permitting. Had an awesome holiday so far. Snorkeled the poor knights, had a week in the bay of islands, cavalli islands yesterday and will keep going north until there is a reason to come back south.
  5. LOL just dont tell my wife I brought another race boat.....!
  6. Just to round out the story, I managed to get a hull clean at Gulf Harbour yesterday afternoon so all good. On another note, I sent an email and decleration to NorthLand Biosecurity and got a really helpfull reply straight back with answers to all my questions. Turns out the person I was talking to is an experienced sailor who I know and also recently returned from a sailing trip from Europe to NZ. Was a pleasant suprise as i was expecting some sort of automated or bureaucratic response. She also said that racing yachts like ours really are not high on their list of biosecurity risks.
  7. Thanks Fish. All good info. Cant say i have used a grid for a while and have no idea how the boat would sit given the bulb keel and deep rudder so im a bit hessitant to put the boat on there for now. Would hate to ruin the christmas cruise by damaging the rudder!
  8. On that note, has anyone seen the Cyclone that's developing over vanuatu mid next week. Looks pretty nasty....
  9. Thats pretty much what I figured when reading the rules. But as Fogg sugests, its pretty nice to be ready to go to a marina should something happen to the boat or weatherwise.
  10. Thanks Fish, keen to see your tide program. Where do I find that?
  11. Anyone know how strict they are in Northland on the hull cleaning rules? Do we actually need paperwork for the last antifouling and professional hull clean or are they Ok as long as the hull is actually free of any fouling? tried to book a haul out and clean this week or next at gulf harbour but they are chocka full until the new year. Normally I just clean it myself but not sure if that is enough to cover the regulations.
  12. I think the damage done to Hugo Boss was the first stages of what happened to PRB. Maybe Kevin hadn't noticed the longitudinal in the forward compartment starting to fail? I would think everyone on the Hugo boss team would have been pretty worried about sending that boat into the southern Ocean with the structural damage it had already sustained so the rudder issue might have been a blessing and relief for them....
  13. Wow it sounds like PRB actually snapped completely in half and went down really quick. Total structural failure of epic proportions. He mentions that they had recently added 200kg of extra carbon reinforcement to make it stronger. These foiling boats are pushing some boundaries pretty hard.
  14. PM sent. Couldn't attach a photo though. Dimensions are Luff 15.6 Leech 14.8 Foot 7.3
  15. Those boats are going to get a hiding overnight. Gusting over 50kts. Wouldnt be suprise to see some damage in the morning. Really quite a volatile week of weather in the northern Atlantic!
  16. Yes you are right Bad Kitty, the Beneteau 50 we brought down from France was always planned to be sold pretty quickly after returning to NZ. I would have loved to do a season or 2 cruising NZ in that boat but funds were running a bit slim after no income for almost 2 years and lots of outgoing spending... The boat was brought for a purpose and really was the perfect boat for what we did. We would love another euro production boat but what we wanted was out of the budget in NZ and buying overseas right now was not going to be easy. Maybe one day we will look at buying a smaller (40ft) prod
  17. He said that he got a fishing line caught on the keel and rudder and then had a sheet come off one of the sails and lost 5 or 6 nm. That would explain the loss I saw. Hes back on the pace now. Looks like they are all in for a beating over the next 48hrs. Could be some broken boats when the wind shifts on the other side of the front and they are broad reaching in decent breeze straight into a nasty seaway. Will be a good test of the foils. Wonder if Alex will button off to get through this without breaking, its certainly not his mentality but I would think a failure this early on woul
  18. Looks like the Hugo boss could be a bit sticky in the light. He's really dropped off the pace.
  19. I might have a spinnaker suitable. I just brought a 35ft racer cruiser that has a pile of downwind sails that I don't really need. I will have to go through them and see what's actually there but will let you know. I'm best in Auckland. Cheers Josh
  20. You could have this boat and be top end of the SSANZ sports division. Winner of both line and handicap in 2020 against the Ross 930s, Elliott 7.9s, ross 8m ect. Great little boat. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2795394136 I will do you a good deal!
  21. You can't go wrong with the SR26. Honestly the best bang for buck you can get in a sub 30k racer cruiser.
  22. Fogg, I brought the Ross 1066 Margaritaville. Got to sell the SR26 if anyone is keen!
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    I have heard that it also helps them to gain traction and control if the boat completley stalls out due to low speed, thats why it has the aggressive edges. The plan is to luff hard and park the other boat and then be able to hold their ground and accelerate away, something like that anyway.
  24. B00B00

    Coastal 2020

    I would call it an 'Event' rather than having to define it as either a race or a party. People do these 'events' for many different reasons but in all cases its for a weekend enjoying doing what you love. When you go cruising is it about the passage or the destination, the social times catching up with friends or the solitude of ancoring in a quiet bay away from the city? When you go to a music festival is it more about the music or the dancing, getting together with friends for a good time or just appreicating good music? Coastal classic gives you all of the above and doing we
  25. I am looking for a blade for a 3 bladed Gori folding prop 16.5 x 12 RH. My new boat has a kiwi prop on there now but came with a spare gori prop that lost a blade a while back. Motoring performance is OK but I suspect the gori will perform a bit better than the kiwi prop and I like the idea of the overdrive for calm water and motorsailing. Just asking on the off chance someone had a similar issue and still has the other 2 blades.
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