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This be it.        But I think we might be all getting a bit cynical here.( regarding the Birdsall) If you think about it , trawling adds on trademe would be a good way to find a suitable boat

I'm guessing someone's looked under where it was moored?

Didn't BoBo find the boon on barrier somewhere?

Guest Ketchup

A good illustration of why it's a good idea to post under one's own name. You think twice before hitting that button to send.


Correct and then the forum becomes a "PC" boring series of "monologue based" rhetoric.


Very similar to interviews with our sporting people.... a "mind numbing" babble of nothingness.


I think people should say what they like and be the spice of life .... rather that a bunch of _agreeing" poofters all patting themselves on the back and agreeing about .... NOTHING!


AJ Oliver.... if you want a boring forum then you want a forum that offers nothing!



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to all the people on this site that keep referring to "insurance",  if any off you had bothered to read the herald item, regards this vessel. You would have read that the owners stated that the boat was UNINSURED.   

Hey Chloe. Here's the original item. I have just read it twice and nothing like that was said: http://www.nzherald....jectid=11398299

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A good illustration of why it's a good idea to post under one's own name. You think twice before hitting that button to send. 

 Hey AJ!

Smithy IS my real name. Marshall Law is my yacht and I live in Mairangi bay (sometimes).. I did think twice and like I said in the post, I must be getting cynical. Overly cynical as it turns out, and I am chuffed that it was not the case and really feel for them at having their pride and joy stuck over in Aus.


However, it would be nice if Mr. Ketchup  and co outed themselves!! :twisted:  :twisted: :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:  

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Guest Ketchup

Well smithy that says it all really.


Why should anyone who does not use their name "out themselves"


This is a forum based in comment/content.


It is not about "playing the man" but debating the topic.


I think you are cynical, like a lot of people. That last paragraph is very cynical.


However I don't think, being suspicious about "an insurance scam" is as cynical as others thunk. Especially in this current world.



As for the evil face icons.... embrace the debate and peoples differences smithy.


Relate not hate :-)

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