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Marina eWof requirements

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Actually KM, that makes it impossible on most vessels. 250w 24x7.i reckon you'd need 1000w of panels min to run just that...

Most run about 30% of the time and if the boat is reasonably well sealed it could be a lot less. But then if you have a weepy gland, bolt or window then you'd probably be a bit buggered.

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OK, an update to this older thread. The 1st point to note is that the 2014 version of the "regs" IS NOT LEGAL. It has not been sighted, and is therefore not (yet accepted) by the electrical regulator

Bazza, make sure you use the anode attached to the engine, after that system went in she was burning through the anodes on the shaft.   Smithy, the system on Bazzas boat was put in by Gavin at Marin

Yep, even though I used to blow the odd thing up, cover the ceiling in molten Galv, or produce large quantities of smoke, I at least did it with safety in mind. For instance, if KM and I were putting

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