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insurance - marinas

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hi, I normally berth on piles in Tamaki river, but have been offered a berth at Westhaven for a while, I need insurance,  I don't want to get a full survey done etc,  what are my options, feel free to ring me on 021 380 611 Peter


1982 Hans Christian 38 yacht


Looking for a eWof person as well

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We got our insurance for freedom through Nautical insurance.


We are a 1970's multi on a swing mooring with race cover. they were great with no survey required. they just wants pics of the boat and a statement that the boat was in good condition.  




Bryan Noonan

Nautical Insurance Limited

P.O. Box 3804 | 62 Riccarton Road | Riccarton | Christchurch,  8011
Ph: (03) 384-1694 | Mobile 021 482 653  | www.nautical.co.nz

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Got ours with AMI, needed survey. Heres something to think about though, you are going on a 12 m berth which is about 7 to 800 bucks a month. If you are getting it a good rate i.e. free then a survey is no big deal and it’s probably a good idea to have insurance anyway.

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I went with Youi.  1979 Spencer 28 on a swing mooring.  No need for a survey and the premium was quite affordable.  They were one of the few interested in insuring on a swing mooring, so I didn't have many choices.  Their only condition was that mooring inspections are kept up to date and done by an independent party (i.e. can't self certify).


I checked out the policy against one offered by State Insurance (who did require a survey and would have required them on an ongoing basis) and the terms and conditions were very similar. State's premium looked like it would be half as much again, but they wouldn't provide a formal quote without a survey. I've not needed to make claim, so can't comment on my experience in that respect.  My other comment is that Youi's salespeople are quite aggressive keen.

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I did the online quote with youi and didn't even get to the end before they refused me. Just wanted a comparison With Baileys.

"Your risk profile falls outside our underwriting guidelines". Or some such. WTF?

Whoopy do. Their questions were pretty lame to be honest.

I was just curious.

Geez, I must be bored or something. I kept changing things until I found out what was bothering

the underwriter algorithym. It was my street address! Must be a bad neighbourhood.

Anyhow was 30% dearer than Baileys. :thumbdown:

$276 more to be exact.....obviously a bad risk.

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