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What's the word on Warpaint Antifoiling

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Hi I am pulling out on Monday next, for a bottom scrape.

I have previously used Alex No10 ( light grey colour)

I want to go back to a softer ablative antifouling and have use Altex No5 before.

However I would like stay with the light grey colour but Altex No5 only comes in Red, Black or Blue.


The boat is on the marina at Gulf Harbour.


So I would like some feedback on Warpaint light grey colour please.





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I have heard from one of the painters that they have changed the brew for Micron 66 and it is not as good as it used to be

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There is not really any " older technology" as such. But it is a " price point" AF. Some get good results and others not so good. And that is the same for every AF on the market. The hard part is getting one that works best for your area. Water quality, temperature, current etc etc all play a part in how well they all work. 

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Use it and like it. Don't expect it to work well after about 12 months it's been on one of the boats for over 2 years and has pretty much stopped working, but could probably be revived with a sand. It is very.nice to use and seems a lot less toxic than the international stuff.

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Depends who is doing the job a lot. But yes generally spraying is a better finish. I have seen shocking examples of both. Got it sprayed last time and needed twice as much paint. When you.add in the cost of the application rolling is better for non race boats in my humble opinion. You can always give it a quick wet and dry if you want a super smooth finish.

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