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YNZ Race Regulations Cat1-Cat5; Anomalies and concerns

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My concern is that your are replacing one set or arbitrary requirements with a new set of arbitrary requirements. And these ones are likely to have a number of unintended consequences (more so than th

Just a heads up, I won't be giving any direct answers to requests for change - I'm not a subject matter expert on some of this stuff. What I'll do is take your feedback, constructive criticism, sugges

Ignore the age,  anyone checking (with a brain) will just look at the expiry date.

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During the RNZ I looked up the tides for somewhere once in the Almanac.


First time I have opened opened one during a race. 


Hate to think of how many I have bought over the years, would be a few hundred dollars easily.  I think that is the item that pisses me off the most. 

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Cat 3


Very happy that elctronic flares are now acceptable. Reduces the risk of fire in my opinion, well done. When is the next review?


Four kilos of fire extinguishers. We dont have an engine room, 500 grams  by the switch pannel and a few buckets in each hull is all we need.


Liferafts are a waste of time on our wooden catamaran.


Never used our echosounder. 


Our bilge pumps always blocks up. A bailer and bucket is much more reliable and should be an option.


Almanac is just clutter.

Mostly agreed, except for liferaft. fire is your biggest risk...

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Mostly agreed, except for liferaft. fire is your biggest risk...

Cat 3 is only used for short coastal racing.


Racing. We dont cook on board , got our hands full.  Engine fuel and outboard  is in central pod which is surounded by water. Unles we fire a flare at the petrol tank. catching fire is near impossible.


Cant afford a proper life raft. We have to carry a blow up tender tied to the front trarmp which catches the wind when flying a hull upwind and sends the bow under water downwind,  They are a hazard.


When we cruise we usually dont take a tender and pull the boat up close to the beach.

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