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SSANZ 2020 Round North Island Race

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Hi all RNI competitors,

I have been asked by a number of you to run another "Offshore medical Course" for RNI competitors prior to the race, so have agreed to


Planning is in early stages however I have set the date as Sat 1st Feb 2020 so you have a little time before the race


Jon will update you as we finalise things and I will update here


Dr Dave

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Looks like you here will be some room for others also

So if your cruising offshore next winter or planning on the Fiji race watch this space for details on how to sign up

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Hey team 


I've posted this in its own topic in tech talk but ideas would be great.


I'm looking for ideas on a try sail track on Sniper. 

Its an alloy mast with an internal track. 


Basically I don't want to put an ugly external track on the outside of the mast and have all the bulk and weight of the track on the mast. 




Can we do a short track at the bottom of the mast which feeds into the internal track?


Or another alternative might be a dynex strop which goes from the gooseneck up the mast and we hoist the trysail on this. 

I think Katana uses this.


The rig is out of the boat until 21 september and I'm just looking for ideas.

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What happened to the rudder on High Voltage? 1st report I heard was they had lost it,  but next it was re-connected and they were back on their way north to join leg 2?

Maybe a cable? Or a failed/lost key, or what?

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They thought they'd lost it but after getting into opua on emergency steering and hauling out on the travel lift it was still there. Along with some impressive scrapes in their antifouling as if they'd hooked something with it. So seems something like a lost key or similar after collecting something.


Great that they can rejoin the other legs.

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The 2 smallest boats have sailed have gone west, and sailed around all the others stuck in the Taranaki hole.

Great move by CU Later and Moving Violation.

Hopefully all boats will reach Wellington tonight.

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Looks like Motorboat and Truxton have sucked a kumara by sailing too close to Cape Palliser, and stuck in a hole!
And now Krakatoa has turned around and heading back to Wellington?

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High Voltage's shore crew blog is very amusing...


Things not to say on a plane RNI2020

In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to shout down the aisle of a Bombardier Q300 plane that was about to start taxiing towards the runway “Naomi!! The propeller has fallen off!!!”

The other passengers looked quite alarmed and started quickly peering their pale faces out the windows of the tiny plane to try and work out what on earth was going on.

Naomi – my trusty Executive Assistant, sitting in row 7D, probably didn’t help matters when she shouted back “sh*t! Do you think we should try and get off??!!”


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