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There’s a Newick in Whangarei that i’ve Looked at, very tidy. Not sure of performance but it’s a cool looking boat. On TM still been on for a while so possibly negotiable.

Krisis is probably for sale panmure boating club should know. A quick older tri that has had cruising additives

Blaydon Racer is a Young trimaran withe twin masts called a Sketch and was built using West System in Tauranga by the late Dooley Wilson for his son Nick Wilson who still lives in Tauranga on Devonpor

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The buccaneer in west harbour is i think a 40 and a nice boat that has had money spent. The marina will know if its still there. Was by the ferries. There was a 33 that I used to own for sale in Devonport. Much cheaper boat sailed well up to 12 knots boat speed. The 40 would be a better boat.

That B40 certainly looked a nice boat. TL your old B33 broke its mooring twice in storms and ended up on the foreshore at Devonport. Since been sold a couple of times and now moored off Sulpher Point (Northcote). Needs a fukton of work to make sound again. but all achievable. The most recent owner doesn't seem to be doing anything with it so might still be for sale....


ps,TL what happened to Careless Intent, did you flick on?

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Hi Dave, Yes we are the proud owners of Ladyhawk, and yes shes a great boat, but as Island Time mentioned, shes a whole different level of financial commitment, we sold everything we owned to buy her, including the house. She is 20 years old this year, and we paid 250k for her, but now we don't have a mortgage or owe any institutions any money lol. There's only her and a sister-ship called Overdrive that lives in Aussie, so obviously not a "production" boat. Richard Edlin designed and built Ladyhawk, his boat building skills are fantastic, beautifully finished boat, and built tough. Full offshore capable, carbon in important places, chain-plates, beams etc. We live aboard therefore have too much sh*t onboard but we can get 16-18kts out of her on a good day, manged 20 without trying on our sea trial when she was empty. She weighs 3200kg empty, and I reakon we weigh close to 5000 at the moment lol... but to be fair, its a cruiser not a racer.

We looked at Farriers and Corsairs etc as well, but they are folders, and we wanted offshore capable without any issues. I went for a sail on a Corsair 37 I think it was, it creaked and groaned all day, I'm not sure if that's normal for a folder, but didn't inspire confidence. No such noise from our boat at all, solid, rigid and quiet. You'll pay similar coin for a similar sized Farrier or Corsair too.

To get a brand new RE10.66T from Richard, I'd hate to think what that would cost, probably the thick end of 750k... I dunno :wtf:

Ive looked at Blaydon Racer, shes a cool boat, foam core I think, she'd be fast too, I spoke to the original owner some time ago, he said its easy to sail short handed, the ketch rig means smaller, lighter sails to deal with, and very flexible as far as sail plans go, I wouldn't let the rig put you off. You'd get it cheap too as the current owner needs to shift it as they have a flash french catamaran coming to go in the berth, the berth is all they're interested in.

Trimarans are a small market, with a few boats that wont be a "perfect fit" guess you need to weigh up the "dollars paid" versus "work to do to it" equation  ;-) 

If you're ever in Tauranga, drop in for a look and a beer... C-pier Bridge marina

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Thanks for that, I went back and had a re read of the review of Ladyhawk and wow, what a beautiful boat.  Hard to believe she's nearly 20 years old!  As you pointed out, a new build of that type of trimaran would be eye watering today.  I'm not sold on the folding tri's either, certainly the C36 has a chequered history I believe, but I do like the layout of those boats.  Also seems that apart from the complexity, the folding mechanisms do add cost.

I think that for me Blaydon Racer would be a bit much boat, but she is on my radar at the moment, certainly the price point looks right.  I really like the open cockpit concept, Ladyhawk's seems huge which really appeals.  It seems the older tri's aren't designed that way, but I'm happy to be corrected.

Thanks for the offer of a visit, if I'm ever down your way I'll make sure to come by, I'll bring the beers!




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Thanks TL, I was out west yesterday as it happened so popped by the marina, sadly an empty berth where the B40 should have been.  Google maps still showed that she lives there (stalker, much?!) so maybe she was out for a sail, was a nice day yesterday.  There was a thread on boatdesigns or some such regarding the one at Okahu bay but that was a few years ago, they're not the same boat are they? 

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