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SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series

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Entries open

We have added a open division to the small boat course, aimed at first timers or been there done that, extra allowed but only shortest course.

The committee has given it lots of names I can’t mention here, but it should appeal to quite a few I’m picking, Don’t enter your Fast 50 or the likes as you may be called out if you do.

Enter here https://www.ssanz.co.nz/triple-series/

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Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast.  String theory dropped their kite after browns with

It was a great sight to see this impressive looking fleet as we cruised past Navy Buoy.

Here is how Island Time's day went.   We left Gulf Harbour about 7:30am - a bit later than expected, not ideal. it was gusting over 40 at Tiri, so went out with deep reefed main and a working jib si

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New sailing instructions: Looks like they now have the ability to move the start line, it is not fixed at Northern Leading.


8.6 iv) looks like a typo: "Emu Rock Iliomana Rock Beacon" - 2 marks merged, and one spelt incorrectly.

8.5 Lewmar Doyle Sails Short course "Haystack (Orapapa) Island," no rounding is given, presume it should be starboard.

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That’s why they are drafts, keep up the good work thanks Elly

Used to be under 26ft or something like that from memory, the problem is there are some 30ftrs that fit and some 25ftrs that don’t so trying to work off a RaceTrack rating, and if a yacht is a real outlier we will try and encourage them into the div that’s the best fit

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As for the start yes now moveable

However this is only likely to happen in extremes of weather like last year, so expect startline to be as per normal, however if there was a incident in the vicinity or conditions that made it unfair we now have the options stated in the SIs to be able to up and move.

Another change is we can now change a course up until the preparatory signal for a division

, ie if we found out that Shearer’s Rock buoy had sunk we can substitute it with say Tiri Navy Buoy, or drop it altogether if the conditions looked like boats weren’t likely to finish within the time limit without having to put the division onto the short course.

Effectively opening up some more options

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Triple Series After Match is on again.. this year it is the Piedys leading the charge so you can be sure it will be louder!


The hat will go round once again for the guardian angels from Coastguard Auckland $504 to beat!


Ref the Facebook event for more info https://www.facebook.com/events/2414142008805914/


Signature video/tune from 2018 is here 

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