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Poor mans electric winch

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Ive been considering one of these for a while. On IT I have no electric winches, and not easy to retrofit without other compromises. I've read good things about these;


Its a Milwaukee  M28 right angle cordless drill with the chuck replaced with a winching chuck. They are still pretty expensive (Circa $900 delivered to NZ) but I must say I'm impressed so far. A mate who has one says it will winch a 100Kg man to the top of his rig 2 x without recharge. Recharge is 1 hour. I'll go test mine this weekend if the weather is ok. At this point I've just winched up the main, which was easy and FAST!! Way better when single handing....

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My poor old shoulder doesn't like winching and I hate sails flogging so I decided an electric winch was needed. An off the shelf electric winch was way beyond my budget so I explored other option

Poor man's winch?  Paying $900 for a drill would indeed make me poor.

Actually the mod for the M12 and M18 chargers from 110 to 240v is very easy. I got the 110 M12 charger and have done it.   Instructions here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ed4frjioO4   I sa

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$900 sounds a lot, but when compared to any other drill of that kind of torque power, it is not a bad price at all. For those that have arthritus or problems with arms/wrists etc, they are a good cheap way of keeping you sailing for a few more years. Think of what one electric winch costs in comparision.

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If you were to get the 18v "Hole Hawg" version, there is a 12v charger as well. I don't know if the performance of the 18v version is comparable, but they do drill some huge holes with it, it looks grunty enough. Still $600 or so, but certainly a good way to get the main up if you're getting on in years ;-)

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Looks like a useful thing to me. Currently we use our very old and original Nilson rope windless up in the bow for winching up the rig or hauling the tender up.its just a secondary unit now .Tender must be about 85 kg all up with motor and fuel.

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