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The Sounds Murders back in the News

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Looks like there is hope that justice for Scott Watson might finally be served.  

I wonder after all these years how Rob Pope sleeps at night.  He must know deep down he is largely responsible for destroying the best years of an innocent man's life.

I'm about halfway through this documentary this morning.  I can't stop shaking my head at what Pope's outfit got up to as they set about framing the yachtie Scott Watson.  Sickening really.


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Sadly for Scott the road to any form of justice has long been paved with layer after layer of falsehoods and will forever stretch its arc of prejudice and harm well over the horizon of his time.

There is one and only one reason why Watson is not being released. Purely and simply, he will not admit remorse, because he will not admit guilt. I think that tells you a lot about the guys character.

Can't get parole if he doesn't admit to doing it. kind of a problem if he didn't do it. I've got no opinion on if he did or didn't. But this admitting guilt before parole thing is a bit of a

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My great Aunt lives on Mangere mountain and saw a ketch matching the description the police put out .

it anchored in the manukau near the yacht club about a week after New Year’s Eve . She took a lot of interest in the boat because it’s very rare to see an out of town keeler of all things up there . She called it into the police more than once  and they didn’t follow her up .

i was surprised to read somewhere a few years ago that a ketch matching the description was spotted heading north off the Taranaki coast , just a few days after New Year’s Eve . Again no follow up and pretty high chance it was the same boat my aunt saw at Mangere .

who knows what the hell happened but the police missed a glaring oppurtunity with flashing bloody lights on top not following up on those two sightings of a boat matching the description taking an unusual route north .

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The tiger blanket hairs linked to Olivia found weeks later after an initial forensic inspection have a lot in common with the Hutton & Johnstone planted shell casing belated found four months later that screwed Arthur Alan Thomas.

Be your worst nightmare banged up for 20 years for a crime you never committed and this case along with others lays great weight for the urgent the need for an independent legal mechanism than can test for injustices prosecuted by the state although now far to late for Peter Ellis.





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