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This Weekend's Achievements


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Finally got the rig tensioner fitted in the Noelex, got all that dodgy epoxy removed from the new rudderblade, put new epoxy and tape on, then got it sanded and undercoated.


I've still got no idea what some of the blocks on the deck are for, they're surplus to requirements, or in totally the wrong place

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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new.

I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so i was going to be just kicking my heels in the BoI for a while till i go to join her at Xmas.

Instead i met up with a couple who had just launched their first boat with dreams of heading offshore. They offered me a small payment to give them lessons. We managed one or two days a week and in the course of one month went from how to drop a mooring and pull up the main to their first overnight solo. They are currently anchored next to me (5 miles from their mooring) and all excited at attempting to go all the way to Cape Brett today.

I have surprised myself at really enjoying the process and watching them gain ability confidence.

It also forced me to think about a great many things we take for granted.

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Well, our sailing season is over, and "Class Struggle" is in storage - until about April. 


So I do quite a bit of reading - just finished "The Sea People" by C. Thompson 


about the Polynesians - mostly where they came from, and the history of research into that question. 


a good deal of it concerns Aotearoa 


Knowing what big readers Kiwis are, I thought I'd pass it along. 

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Not this weekend, but ready for the weekend.  Finished my daughters first dinghy. a 4' skylark.  Started it 4 years ago.....

I thought the one I am building was small , just under 6 Feet,  that ones definitely  fore deck size. Same longways seat though a wellsford design.


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