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I've just been told that Putiki Express is now no longer insured. Bailey Insurance has done a great job looking all over the place for me, but unless it's over about $150,000, no luck. Not even for third party.


This could very well put a curb on more multis going into the water. I wonder how Ian Farrier will get on selling his F22's in NZ?


I think you will find that insuring Trimarans is not the issue here, however once you go high risk i.e a big claim then it becomes more difficult. Same if your in a Cat, Monohull, Car, Motrobike, Glider, whatever... Lots of Tris have insurance.


I guess the options for me is to just race and worry about the consequences of hitting another boat when it happens. The way I see it is that if I do damage to another boat (and being responsible), I will be willing to pay their excess to the owner and let their insurance company take me to court. I will plead guilty and destitute, and offer to pay say $50 a month, (the cost of an annual insurance cover) until the amount is paid off.


Thats an appalling attitude. You come across really badly here.

What if you T bone another uninsured boat? you'd just walk away?


Unless you retract that comment I will be (along with the rest of the fleet) requesting Clubs reject your entry to races which they are entitled to do.


To all that are concerned with me not having insurance, I see no difference with me being covered for third party or not. If I cause damage to another boat, because it would not be the other boat's fault there would be no cost to them, but to their insurance company. The insurance company would then need to sue me for damages.

Again the shocking attitude. Why should I claim if you hit me? believe it or not it will effect my renewal chances. how can you rely on other peoples insurance to cover your damage?


Overall your comments are appalling and you should be ashamed of yourself. People reading this who don't know you will think you are an absolute w^&#$@r and it reflects on the whole fleet.


Its none of your business whether I have insurance or not, and how that influences my decision to race. I never go sailing thinking "oh well insurance will cover it" I always have the attitude ill fix it if I break it, which is why on Capricorn when I broke my mast I DIDNT CLAIM.


I am also very careful to avoid situations that could result in collisions even if I lose places because of it!


My last word is if I raced without insurance and I hit you I wouldn't run and hide I would sort it out as that's the risk I would have taken by going sailing. If your not willing to take responsibility for possible damage caused while racing uninsured, DONT GO RACING

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What are you trying to do John? Wind people up? Make them think less of you? Amuse yourself?


I've known you, sailed against you, or with you for 20+ years, but you are coming across terribly here. If I didn't already know you, I certainly wouldn't want to sail against you or meet you, based on the dribble you are posting here. Might be a good time to just stop talking and shut the hell up!

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I don't know you, haven't sailed with you and have no desire to sail with you.


You may think that taking the piss out of some is amusing but there are some who have been reading this thread and looking at what you have said with some concern.


These people are not just the commenters who regularly appear. They include marine underwriters and (more importantly) claims managers, lawyers assorted club officials, judges and race officers. Each of those people will look at what you have said from different angles and will not like what they have read. Some already are.


I would prefer to see people racing than not so the best advice I can give you is to pull your head in and shut up.


Have a nice day.

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Go back to where this started.

I posted on here that I couldn't get insurance.

I only had one person, MM give some advice.

When I made a comment about advising the insurance industry, that I couldn't get third party, so unless they helped me out they would have to sue me if I was found at fault. Instead of any other advice or whatever, there were only howls of derision. I have said all along I was prepared to pay any excesses. I am not one to walk away from responsibilities and I can be reasonable, and have shown that by when I had a Tbone incident with another multi (I was in the right) I was willing to work with him to fix it without having insurances involved.

I know at least three other boats racing that do not have adequate insurance, and have said all along I am seeking third party liability. For me not racing is not an option. At least you know that, you don't know all the others without insurance

I have not been abusive, but after being scalded for my cavalier ways by the righteous, I Got pissed off and baited them, to good results. Twas a bit unfair to Tim, but hey, I had to see if I could get him to comment, he's been so righteous in the past, gave me such a hard time for bumping him once when not long after barged me on the line and actually made contact with me instead of hitting the start bouy, I told him to do his penalty and he ignored it. He was lucky that the race was abandoned otherwise he would have been in the protest room, the cheat. So I would call him a good catch.

Booger and Booboo, full of righteous indignation.

Sam, I'm sorry you fell for it, and I apologise for the smart arse comment, but before you ban me from any racing I suggest you ask to see the insurance details for ALL the boats racing.


and Col, You're a prat, have a good day

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My last racing in Australia was the Hobie Nationals 2010, part of the registration was


1. Copy of insurance policy for the boat


2. Proof of AYF membership for at least one of the crew (personal injury insurance was part of the membership I believe)


I am surprised that these things are not required to enter races in New Zealand, and that some even contemplate racing without coverage.

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