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  1. You can download the software free, it’s called ‘Nexus Race’. The original instrument system would/should have come with the RS232 to USB cable, a generic serial port to USB converter may suffice if you don’t have the original. Although, it may not be any help if the MHU isn’t outputting any data, there’s unlikely to be anything relevant to see in the software. It’s just as though you don’t have wind gear. I take it you have checked the connections at the bottom of the mast? I think being connected to the BUS will mean it’s outputting processed digital data rather than an analogue signal like some wind gear, which will make testing it difficult (impossible?). Finally, unless you can find physical damage to the cable, I’m not sure you will be able to get parts to fix it even if you could identify the issue. The hopefully unnecessary good news is you can still get a replacement that will work with your system from Garmin.
  2. mattm

    Yammy 15

    Thought you were going to say ‘put the wife on a diet’ 😂😬
  3. mattm

    Yammy 15

    Talking a dead man into something seems a bit futile. I have a merc 2 stroke 15. It’s heavy enough to lug around the boat, and I’m not really a fan of putting it on the pushpit bracket because of the weight of it. yammy short shaft 15hp 2 stroke, 36kg yammy short shaft 15hp 4 stroke 50(!!!!!)kg To me the question is how will you store it, how often will you take it off the dinghy, how often will you need to lift it. If you can work with the weight of 4-st, then yeah sure, go for it.
  4. Maybe a good school holiday activity while they can’t be at the boat is to read up on the racing rules of sailing. There are some great free online resources, giving the rules and cases which give a good explanation of how and when they are applied, like this: https://www.racingrulesofsailing.org/rules
  5. Are you saying they know how to sail but have never raced? If that’s the case, there is a benefit in dinghy sailing you won’t get in keelers. Basically, they are geared up for teaching. Dinghy clubs will have a chase boat, and a learn to sail course which morphs into learn to race and the rules. Once racing, a chase boat can help with basic sailing, and there’s fleets where it’s expected many are still learning rules, so much assistance is offered. Crashes typically aren’t expensive and repairs if required are easy and quick (relatively). In keel boats, there will be less people nearby to help, typically less help offered, and an expectation to know and understand the rules, so as to avoid costly and time consuming repairs - even if insurance covers the cost, no one wants to be without a boat for months awaiting it being fixed. Are you intending to race with them, or drop them off at the marina with their lunch? Your post is unclear.
  6. Things I know of that YNZ have done for my club / in my area (could be wrong, my memory isn’t great): They ran a race management training course for interested members maybe 3 years ago I think they have several times in the past sent someone to discuss rules at our annual skippers briefings, maybe 5 years since they did that They have provided support for sorting out difficult protests, and run a course on running protest committees maybe 3 years ago that I know of. As part of the sailing committee I discussed YNZ regulations regarding category limits in our area with our local YNZ guy, at some length. He’s a good guy and was really helpful. That was 2.5 years ago. These things benefitted maybe 50 out of the 300some boats at the club. As for benefitting all members- I think they did some type and quantity of advocacy regarding locations of new fish / mussel farms and the impact they would have on recreational boating if placed in popular bays - maybe 8 years ago now. Last I knew (a while ago), I believe the club membership was 300 some senior members, about 50 different boats race over a season. Club pays about $14,000/ year to YNZ.
  7. About the same as a club member who does not race - be they yacht or launch owners.
  8. How do you comply while motoring though? Power-driven vessels underway Subject to 22.23(3), a power-driven vessel underway must exhibit— (a) a masthead light forward; and (b) a second masthead light abaft of and higher than the forward one, EXCEPT that a vessel of less than 50 metres in length is not obliged to exhibit such light but may do so; and (c) sidelights; and (d) a sternlight. In addition to the lights prescribed in rule Instead of exhibiting the lights prescribed in subrule (1), a power-driven vessel— (a) of less than 12 metres in length may exhibit an all-round white light and sidelights; and (b) of less than 7 metres in length, whose maximum speed does not exceed 7 knots, may exhibit an all-round light and must, if practicable, exhibit sidelights.
  9. Can anyone post a photo of a (modern) yacht, or describe an option that complies with this? Most common I’ve seen is as 180s has posted, but although close, are not actually above the top lifelines. Only thing I can think of is a classic I worked on with them mounted on a board lashed to the side stays.
  10. Be worth looking after then, make sure the power cables are healthy and the winch is getting good voltage. Prevent it rusting, grease the clutch cones, check the deck seal and gearbox seal to make sure they are not worn, and hose off after use to remove silt from the deck seal. Per the manual. Those are the main killers I’ve seen.
  11. I’ve had many of the winch motors sand blasted and repainted with decent, hardy, paint. Even when they have layers of rust shedding off, as long as water hasn’t made it inside the motor. Can extend their life by years. By starter are you referring to the engine starter or the winch motor, which is sort of a modified starter motor?
  12. I find it amusing that first link is sponsored by Vetus Maxwell. No one is worse at making paint stick than they are, with the blue paint on the anchor winch motors. It falls off and the motor rusts before the packagings thrown away.
  13. There was a known issue with the DST’s doing this - losing the bottom and picking up the bulb. I know B&G put out a software fix for transducers newer than a certain serial number. My own one was older, but has the issue, which they told me it shouldn’t as they thought the issue only effected newer ones, they said they were looking into it. Annoying.
  14. Sorry, *dims down low. The back lights on tablets tend to be much brighter on their lowest settings than a dedicate marine display. As for the mast, ideally look for an old unused cable you can use as a draw wire. Find some slack in a wire and see if you can pull it up / down the mast a bit - proving their not stuck. I’ve seen masts where all the wires are cable tied together, preventing drawing a new wire through. I’ve also seen a mast where someone had drilled into the electrical conduit through each halyard exit slot, and injected sikaflex into 4 holes, and epoxy into the 5th. Obviously trying to fix a leak down the mast, but resulting in having to pull the mast out of the boat and replace the conduit just to run a new wire.
  15. Seems they had an issue with the control panel and / or control box not starting or stopping the engine, and not feeding power out to run the tach or alarms. This was a few years ago, I worked on a D1-20 yesterday that’s ~2.5 years old and has the issue. Evidently a world wide problem on all D series. Other forums have people saying it may have been a bad batch, may have been the official story, although others say they had several parts replaced sometimes more than once to solve it. I’d want to know this was resolved before buying one.
  16. With the name brand sensors I deal with, they will output data to NMEA2k without a same brand display, but you can’t calibrate them without such a display. Calibration is often rough enough after install, depending on weather, then a bit of fine tuning after use. Thus, if you can borrow a display to calibrate the sensor after install, you do t have to get a matching screen. There are benefits though - no charging, always available, waterproof, drums down low for night time. Marine display vrs tablet is a whole ‘nother topic though. If I were you, if you don’t already know the answer, I’d look into feasibility of running a wind wire down the mast, with a preference for making it work. Then you know if your looking for wired or wireless sensor. IMO, wired is far better, as long as you can run the cable.
  17. Rehab. You are the cause of this rule. You alone, as I see it. You know this, you read IT’s post a few weeks back saying his preference was for you not to spam the site, but it wasn’t currently against site rules so he was thinking of an effective rule to prevent it. You replied saying ‘preference noted’ then continued to spam the site with mostly illiterate dribble. Now you down vote people saying it may restrict people using this site for the purpose it was created - to talk about boating, when, again, you are the cause of this new rule, because of your constant posting of dribble and new threads mostly not relevant to boats. You’ve wasted IT’s time making new categories for topics and considering a new rule no other member necessitates the need for. I guess to save himself time on applying a rule evenly, he’s had to make a blanket rule over everyone, including people who make multiple helpful/ useful / insightful posts in one day. You are literally the minority, despised in every group in society, who ruins things for everyone else. You’ve posted on this thread saying you agree with the new rule. If you think max 5 posts a day is a good idea, maybe you should have self imposed that after IT (and many others) said he would prefer you not spam the site, and this wouldn’t be an issue. IT, your a patient man, must be hard and annoying to run the site with such non sense from one poster. I’d have permanently banned him long ago, but you have my support for running the site as you see fit, for the little that’s worth.
  18. There is someone advertising a Winchrite ABT electric winch handle for sale in my clubs enews if that sounds any good. $1500 new, asking $1200. Looks like they go for $779us from the manufacturer. No idea what they are like.
  19. You must be joking.
  20. I’d agree with you, although, according to information on the Sport NZ website released on the 7th of May, contact sports are OK. If rugby is back on, surely a race crew of similar numbers should be allowed? NZ would never have different rules for different people would we?
  21. mattm

    Halyard size

    I had an endless system in a sport boat for, I forget now, at least 5 years. Worked really well and never got in trouble with it once (the endless sheet bit anyway), and it ran big kites. Trick is having the right amount of sheet, enough it can flog when need be. I find it better, otherwise both sheets need enough to flog and it’s all over the cockpit floor all the time. New owner has changed it to separate, I find it’s a mess. A nifty knot/splice to allow it to gybe around the forestay is handy, but it didn’t matter as much once we got blow through gybes sorted.
  22. I see one for sale in Aus, says it’s designed by Alan Roper, would that be the same guy as this boat, or coincidentally the same name? Very different style of boat and build technique...
  23. Although does that take you to the oldest post you haven’t read, or just the latest post?
  24. I thought ‘sarcastic’ was recently redefined as ‘seriously proposing a stupid idea’?
  25. From what I heard, 3rd hand, the guy was on the boat in the sounds pre lockdown. He remained in the sounds, on the boat, until he went home, to Wellington, where he and the boat live. He lives aboard permanent. Any issues with that? Being that it’s a race boat, be hard to live on away from shore for as long as he did IMO. Another non-story from NZ media, hence no fines / arrests.
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